Pretty Please?


Hi, I’m Millie. I hijacked my mommy’s blog today for a huge reason today. Not just to show you my major cuteness, but to let you know that voting is now open for Round 1 of Project Food Blog! Whatever that is…

Millie (1)

I’m obviously super happy voting is open…yay GO mommy!


I think you should vote for my mommy, because my mommy even thinks puppies deserve an extra special treat. She didn’t make this one for me, but because of this treat, I now know that puppies can have a cupcake too. :)


So let’s get serious here. I can get serious. ::runs to grab a bone::

Ok, I’m back to being serious.

Vote for my mommy. Tell EVERYONE to vote for my mommy.

If she gets through to round 2, she gets to cook up more challenges for you humans. More yummy food! She even promised me pumpkin treats! I love pumpkin. :)

Win-win situation, right?

Note: I have been informed that I get pumpkin treats no matter what, but, uhm, still vote. Pretty please?


  1. Ahhh, how can you resist those eyes?? Just voted for you :)

  2. I voted! You might want to Millie to inform your readers that you have to be a foodbuzz member or sign up easily & quickly to vote though! :)

  3. Millie is absolutely, incredibly adorable. What a gorgeous girl! Good luck in Project Food Blog!

  4. Bribing me to vote for you with puppy pictures ABSOLUTELY works 😉

  5. Om nom nom! Those look scrumptious

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