A bunch of randoms (3)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I have a good bit to share. :)

  • I’m sort of happy to finally see the end of the tunnel in a sewing project I’ve been working on. The pattern had terrible directions for a key component and I somehow rigged it. I can’t wait to blog about it.


  • My original Etsy name was taken. I checked about a month ago and no one had it. Well, lo and behold, someone bought the dang site and I had to think up (with the help of very creative friends) a new name. I’m waiting for biz cards to come in so I can ::finally:: open shop. :) I bought the URL, got the Etsy shop username and the gmail. No one better try to pull a fast one on me. I’m keeping the official shop name a secret until the shop opens! I cannot wait. :)


  • Pretty soon this blog will have a new name, but I’ll keep the old URL to reduce confusion. The name “Nifty Foodie’s Life” is getting fairly boring to me, and I’ve always wanted to keep food/life blog separate. I’m fairly certain the name will change to my Etsy shop name, so I can have a shop blog and continue to blog about random life stuff too. :)


  • My Aerogarden is going to be growing salad greens next. I’m so excited about this, especially since the Junk Food Detox is still happening. :)


  • Speaking of Junk Food Detox, I’ve given up snowballs, ice cream, candy and fried food. I’ve only cheated twice! :) I had a Snickers bar and Arby’s curly fries. Fully admitting to my faults, but it’s WAY better than where I was about a month ago! I’m 9.3 lbs. down so far too. WOOT!


  • Food blog blurb: Some of you may know this, but I’m in a great contest called Project Food Blog right now. I’d really appreciate your vote to move on to round 3! Here’s my round 2 entry! :)


  • I have a sad sad addiction to fabrics. I am on a fabric buying fast until I bust some of this yardage into gifts/shop stuff. I told myself I won’t buy more fabric than what will fit in a wicker laundry basket that I have. It’s overstuffed right now…oops! I can’t let it get out of control…I just don’t have room for it. :(


  • I’m a little sad all of my shows are back. I was enjoying the “free” evenings, in a way, and now I have to schedule things around my TV schedule. Bummer.


  • It was in the 60s this morning. It gave me my first goosebumps in a long time. Thank you FALL!

How are things going for y’all? :)


  1. Great job on the weight loss! Sounds like the junk food detox is really working for you!!

    My addiction is to books. I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Since I buy almost all my books used or swap through Paper Back Swap I feel like I can justify it, but I have so many on my to-read list that I really need to just stop until I get it under control…

  2. Congrats on the junk food detox! Woo hoo! Also DVR is life changing! Now I sometimes watch shows days or weeks later. It’s great!

  3. Great job with the junk food detox. I’ve cut ice cream and fried food out so far.

    I’m coming to your hood in a month for 2.5 days before taking an anniversary cruise to Mexico. Any particular must dos from a local?

    • That’s awesome!! Well, are you going to nix junk food detox while in NOLA? Most great things come from a fryer. :)

      I love the beignets at Cafe du Monde, Creole Creamery has fabulous ice cream (in the quarter too), Mothers has WONDERFUL po’boys and try a muffuletta at Central Grocery…very yummy!

      If you’re into ghosts/history, there are great ghost tours as well! Have a great time!! :)

  4. Thanks! I’m eating whatever I want when I’m in NOLA!

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