Bye Bye 1980s

So, our house is about 25 years old. When we moved in, there were a lot of things reminiscent of the 80s. Wood looking laminate floors, really old closet doors and well, in our bathrooms, super ugly pink formica countertops.

It was always something we wanted to change, but we knew it would be a fairly large financial change. We originally thought to do granite, but the quotes to do such small amount of work were just terribly nauseating. At that point, we knew we wanted to DIY, but heck, what a huge project to take on!

We actually thought about using a pre-cut piece of formica that looked like faux granite. However, the measurements were for kitchen counters…2 inches longer than needed to go over our cabinets. :(

So, we decided on tile. This was the most fun part for me. I love choosing things like this for our house, and after a couple of trips to Lowes and Home Depot, we ended up choosing this for our bathroom.

This ended up being quite a huge undertaking for us (mainly the hubs). We chose a porcelain tile, which is harder to cut than ceramic. The hubs is the power tool genius of the house, and worked HOURS on cutting this tile. He’s awesome.

Here’s how things looked during demolition. That stuff was glued on WELL! Eesh!

Pink Formica

Like I said UGLY pink formica. :(

The hubs really made these counters happen. Not much credit for me, except I did occasionally vacuum up tile pieces and dust, and helped him position tiles as needed. :) Please don’t flame me…our guest bathroom is fairly small, as is the countertop. Two people in there at once ALL THE TIME is a crowd.

The cost of this countertop makeover? Just over $300, including tools that we’re going to use for the master bath redo as well.

OK, I’ll stop rambling and just show you the after.

Gorgeous Tile After

Isn’t it AMAZING? We’re going to eventually end up doing the master bath in the same tile too. Can’t wait…I’ll be able to help much more this time around too.  :)

What house projects are you working on?


  1. Oh wow, that finished project does look great! We desperately need to re-do our vanity in our bathroom as well… the whole thing! It’s this horrible powder blue shade and is also straight out of the 70s or 80s! Good job you two!

  2. That is awesome!! The difference is incredible. Great work.

  3. Wow, that looks GORGEOUS! So beautiful. I’m really impressed. I would be way too overwhelmed to DIY something like that, but neither DH nor I are very handy.

  4. Wow, that looks great! Totally worth the effort.

  5. I too have a bathroom project coming up. SO NOT looking forward to it. Your countertops look GREAT!!

  6. ShoeFanatic614 says:

    It looks amazing! Great job!

  7. That looks so beautiful! I hadn’t really thought about tile on countertops, but it looks So. Good.

  8. Amy, it looks amazing! Tile is such a great alternative to granite – you made a great choice! :)

  9. So, so pretty! And what a great idea to use a tooth brush holder as a make up brush holder!!

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