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Is it a little too obvious that Beyonce is on my playlist right now? Man, her music makes me get up and dance around. The dog is usually scared at this point…she probably thinks I’m ill or something.

I still can’t believe how fast the holidays are approaching. I plan to send my holiday cards in less than a month…eek! I started sending Christmas cards to family in college. I propped my Canon SD200 on my chair, sat down next to my little 3 foot tree in my dorm room and smiled…alone.

The picture turned out super cute. In fact, the hubs still has that Christmas card in his cubicle. :) I ordered the cards from Shutterfly, and everyone who received one thought it was a sweet gesture since I wasn’t really near my family in college. :(

This year, our card will have me, the hubs and sweet Millie in it. Not so alone anymore!! :) Of course, Shutterfly came to mind when I started browsing for our Christmas cards. Boy, have the designs gotten awesome! I remember having about 40 choices 4 years ago….this year, they have HUNDREDS!

Here’s a few cute ones that caught my eye….

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As you can see, they cover religious, modern and traditional card types. :) After a good bit of browsing, I am totally getting this. :)

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I just love how fun this card is…from the fonts to the colors. It’s classic, but fun and a bit modern, don’t you think?

These are very simple to make too. All you have to do is upload your picture(s) and place it in the card! Then, wait anxiously in the mail for your holiday goodies to arrive. 😀

Also, if I were hosting a Christmas party this year, I could see myself mailing these invitations out. Easy peasy and very cute…just sayin’. :)

Now, if you blog like me, Shutterfly is generously offering 50 free photo cards if you blog about what cards you would send this year! Just fill out this form and wait for the email confirmation about the details for what to include in your post!

If you don’t blog though, these cards are extremely affordable, and sometimes, Shutterfly even has coupon codes to make them even more affordable! :)

Do you send out holiday cards?

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but opinions about the brand are my own. I will be receiving 50 free photo cards from writing this post. :)


  1. Awesome deal on the cards! I signed up! I got 12 free last year with a coupon code, so a dozen of our family members got cute cards, and everyone else got generic snowman ones:) 50 would certainly come in handy, I can’t wait to browse them!

  2. I’m sulking because I still haven’t gotten an email response. I filled out a form last week…I want my cards dangit! Hahaha.

    This is the first I’ve seen that last photo of the two girls and the dog, adorable!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I submitted the form earlier this week & got my email response within 24 hours! Blog post is written & now I”m just waiting for my coupon code! I got 12 free ones last year for attending a Shutterfly House Party, but we couldn’t send them to everyone on our list, just immediate family, so everyone else got generic cards. With 50 free ones, everyone will get a cute card!

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