Shopping Cart Covers are the DEVIL, Bobby Boucher!

I really do enjoy sewing. I usually go in our guest room, where my craft room is as well, plug in the iron, sit down and just sort of ease into crafting.

I’m still pretty new to sewing, however, and occassionally, a project will make me more stressed than happy. This project was seriously the devil. I am probably never making this again, unless I have my own kid to make this for (not anytime soon).

Here’s the project: McCalls M5721. Do not ever buy this pattern…ever.

What was the big issue? Well, McCalls instructions made little to no sense for a good portion of the project, especially when it came to sewing the pockets on. Also, the pattern asks you to make your own bias tape. Uh, no. I hate that…ended up buying my own. Saved me an ironing headache.

Also, this project ended up really messing up the timing on my machine, due to sewing the nylon webbing. My machine was not a fan. A $99 repair. Not happy.

In the end, though, I finished this cover. The friend I made this for took pictures of her little girl in the cover. I think she likes it.

I am usually not a watermarker for my photos, but my friend requested that I mark these pictures to avoid this picture of her daughter getting stolen and posted without permission.

Cart Cover

A nifty thing about this ? The cover is reversible and folds into its own tote bag. That’s the only saving grace that this pattern has.
Cart Cover 2

Rating out of 10: 2. If a pattern causes me to break my machine and sort of make up instructions for a good part of it, I’m bitter and it won’t get a high rating. 2 points for the reversible coolness and the fact that it goes into it’s own tote bag. I do NOT recommend this pattern for a beginner if they want to refrain from cussing and pulling their hair out.


  1. Awww! Sorry it was so difficult, but look at the end product! Plus, N is just ADORABLE and loves her cart cover :)

  2. Aww, it turned out super cute though. Sorry it was a bugger to make. :/

  3. The end product is great but it sounded like a seriously painful process. Hopefully you can find a better pattern for the next time!

  4. It sucks that the pattern was a big pain, but that, my friend, is one awesome cart cover!

  5. wow – really good job – even though it sounds like it was a huge pain!

  6. ShoeFanatic614 says:

    We do love it so much! N loves that I can hook all her toys on it and I love that she’s not attempting to chew on nasty shopping cart handles.

    Can’t thank you enough!

  7. I was planning on purchasing this pattern and making one, but you have officially scared me! It is so pretty though when it is done! Does it come with a seat belt or do you have to use the nasty store cart belt with it?

    • Hi! This cart cover does have it’s own straps.

      The biggest problem I had with the cart cover was the fact that most of the big pattern companies really don’t write directions well. So, if you read through it, I always find there’s a more efficient way to do things. Good luck if you decide to make it!

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