When I was very young, I used to watch my mother in admiration. She would go through spurts of different crafts, and did such magnificent work. My motor skills at the time were limited to coloring outside of the lines and combining colors of play-doh until it turned an ugly brown color. I never thought that I could do half of what my mother did.

I remember her spurts…she made bread dough ornaments, homemade wreaths, acrylic painting and of course, sewed. My mother, to me, is my crafting inspiration.

I found that I’m a lot like my mother. I craft in spurts too, and actually share some hobbies that my mom has. :-)

When I was in 5th grade, I got HOOKED on making friendship bracelets and hair wraps. Anyone remember hair wraps??

In middle school, I saw my friend making cross-stitch and got into that. I remember spending WEEKS making a huge magnolia flower for a contest for my school’s BETA club. I was so upset when my BETA club sponsor didn’t load it on the bus. never got in the contest. My mom still has it hanging in her house, though. :-)

In high school, I dabbled into scrapbooking. I absolutely LOVED scrapbooking…glitter glue, stickers, fun bright papers and PICTURES?! Yes please!

When college hit, I started knitting. I had a mad addiction to knitting with fun fur. I’m pretty sure every girl in my family got a scarf made with fun fur at one time or another. I was ::way:: cool, right?

After graduation, I suddenly wanted to sew. I wanted to make my own clothes, sew a t-shirt quilt and make other fun knick-knacks. My grandmother gifted me with a Singer a year later, and I was SO intimidated. I’m still learning about sewing, but I can say this craft is one of my favorites. I find myself attracted to making things with bright, fun fabrics, and I don’t see this hobby ending anytime soon, since sewing is so practical! I make my own PJ pants, for example, since I’m 5’10” and stores don’t make PJ pants for the tall (at least from what I’ve seen).

Heh. Like I said…spurts. It sort of makes me wonder what craft is next for me. I’m pretty sure it’s crochet, since I want to learn that before I have a kid. (No worries…won’t be anytime soon!)

What crafts are you into? What got you into it?


  1. My mom was the same way!. She has made so many awesome things. She can knit and sew, she cans food, she makes christmas decorations, she did weaving of baskets for awhile and she made twig furniture. Plus she has the most amazing gardens. I never knew how skilled she was until I got older. A few years ago she taught me to knit but I’ve been limited to dish clothes and scarves :)

  2. Oooh crocheting is fun! I learned in college and made 2 huge afghans. I actually like to crochet more than knitting sometimes, but it was my mom who taught me how to knit so every time I make something I think of her teaching me.


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