Digging in the Dirt

November has been an awesome month as far as days off go. My office had off for Election Day, Veterans’ Day and we’ll also have off for Turkey Day, as well as Black Friday!

I decided since the weather was so gorgeous on Veterans’ Day, it was time to dig in the dirt a little bit and revamp our front yard garden. :)

And no, there are no before pictures. Just imagine LOTS of weeds leftover from the end of the Summer and dying Spring annuals.

Gardening Gloves

Yes, I’m 5’10” and have size small hands. I’m all out of whack.

Bouquet Dianthus

I decided to plant some perennials in front of our azaleas this time around. The annuals I bought were getting on my nerves and they weren’t tall enough to see from the road. However, I couldn’t avoid these bouquet dianthus when I saw them in the nursery. Aren’t they so cute?


The perennials I decided upon? Lantanas! They are so pretty and will attract butterflies in years to come!


As for these little flowers (more dianthus)? These are going to go perfectly in the pots by the front door. :)

Have you done any Fall gardening?


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