A bunch of randoms…

  • Since when did it get to be that Thanksgiving is next week? Uhm, seriously had to buy up major amounts of butter and cream cheese to prepare myself!
  • I’m very excited about working on my quilt block swap project. I might surprise some of y’all with what I have in mind with these beautiful blocks!
  • My dog is precious. She runs to the door whenever she hears the doorbell ring in a commercial, and will not get away from the door until I open it to show her that no one is there.
  • I have a set of nasty hiccups right now. I hate having the hiccups.
  • Why is it so hard for owners to leash their dogs out in the open? It makes walking my dog VERY difficult when a dog is dashing towards her and she can only move if I move with her. Ask me how many times I’ve almost face-planted in the neighbor’s grass because of this.
  • No matter how well Michael Vick plays football, I will always think of him as a dog killer. He shouldn’t be playing for the NFL since those players are role models to most children. What example is the NFL showing our youth allowing criminals to play? (and yes, I know there are more criminals than Mr. Vick playing for the NFL.)

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