Block Swap ::gulp:: Quilt?

Once upon a time, I helped to host a quilt block swap.

Soon after…way too soon after, since time flies and all, I had a bunch of ::awesome:: squares in my hands. I knew/hoped all of the participants would be happy, because I sure was!

Then, a little idea popped into my head.

I printed grid paper, used most of my mechanical pencil’s eraser, but my little idea ended up on paper.

I started sewing up part of a charm pack that I bought months ago to start making my little idea a reality.

Charm Pack

My little idea is starting to look good.

My little idea isn’t a quilt, though.

Tree Skirt Idea

As you can see in the bottom left corner, I did the math wrong, but I fixed it in Picnik.

Surprised? 😉

I hope you don’t mind. :)


  1. […] That tree skirt that I was planning still hasn’t happened. I blame my cute dog for being extra cuddly lately. No progress has been made, but I do want to finish it for next year. […]

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