Not again!

You might remember my vent a little while ago about how the timing on my sewing machine made a turn for the worse. $99 repair..more than half of the cost of another machine. I thought my machine would be all better, but I was terribly wrong.

Last week, I started noticing that it would hesitate when I tried to turn the hand wheel. Then, when making holiday Nifty Woofs, the machine stopped reverse stitching altogether. I need reverse stitching for the bandannas to keep the seams secure, but now I have to do that manually. Pain in the you know what.

I can’t believe my machine broke so quickly again. Let’s just say that this crafter will never buy a Singer again. EVER. This is my machine.

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I’ve been sewing on it for about a year now, and it’s already having major problems. Boo on you Singer. Never again.

Maybe in a couple of months, I’ll splurge on a new machine. I’m totally NOT paying another $99 to get this machine fixed, only to have it break on me again. No way.


  1. Oh no! I’m sorry hon :( I have a really old Singer (circa 1970’s) and it works fabulous. I’ve been sewing for about 4 years on it and after one tune-up, it’s still going strong. However, I have heard bad things about the newer Singer versions, which is quite disappointing. Was there a warrenty on the work you had done previously? I know with the tune-up I had done, there was a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Hope it’s just a fluke and starts working again soon :(

  2. Oh no :( Hope you get a good answer from them today!

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