No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things. If I’m not in the holiday spirit before then, I’m definitely full of spirit right afterwards! Over the past 3 Christmases, we’ve slowly added to our decor.

The new additions to our mantle is Millie’s stocking and holder, the knit Christmas tree and the fabric bowl full of leftover ornaments that I purchased to make our wreath last year. I love it!

The Mantle

Since we don’t have much space for a Christmas tree, we definitely LOVE our skinny tree. The hubs bought this at Kohls on major sale. The majority of the ornaments are from Sam’s Club. They sell mega packs of ornaments in different color themes, and I fell in love with the brown/bronze pack, since it’s neutral.

Christmas Tree

And, as you may know, this is Millie’s first Christmas with us. I was pretty worried about how her curious little self would react, but she ignores it, for the most part. :) I think she has some Christmas spirit too (gotta love puppy smiles).

Christmas Smiles

How is your home decorated this year? Feel free to share some blog posts. :) I love seeing holiday decor!!!


  1. Millie is so cute!!! We have VERY similar trees, ours is a 7 foot slim. We got the generic packs of red and gold ornaments to match our decor. I’m working on getting more and more ornaments… it’s our 3rd Christmas together in this house too and I think it gets more fun every year!

  2. Love your tree and your dog is too cute!

  3. Just a thought about Xmas, from your friendly neighborhood classics grad student: “X” is the Greek letter chi, the “kh” or “ch” sound, which is the first letter of the word Christos, or Christ. So Xmas is really just an abbreviation for Christmas, but a bilingual one. This used to be really common, but as time went on, people forgot about the original source of this abbreviation. I hope you won’t get as upset about Xmas now!

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