A bunch of randoms..

  • Yesterday, I learned (from y’all and ironically, the John Tesh show during the drive home from work) that the X in “x-mas” is actually OK to use. I still don’t really like it, and I’m sure that 80% of my friends on Facebook who use it on a regular basis don’t really know the history of the use of X for Christ. So, I still really no likey “x-mas”. However, thanks to you guys for (politely) educating me on the subject. :)


  • That tree skirt that I was planning still hasn’t happened. I blame my cute dog for being extra cuddly lately. No progress has been made, but I do want to finish it for next year.


  • I am learning how to crochet slowly, but surely. I can make a chain like it’s nobody’s business, and I’m trying to work on the single crochet. How is it that I can catch onto knitting super quickly, but this crochet thing just blows my mind? Of course, this motivates me more to show those crochet hooks that I can make this work. :)


  • Christmas is in 3 days…what?! I still have cheesecake, sugar cookies, macarons (hopefully), oreo truffles and biscotti to make. Eep…not to mention, a few more sewing projects for gifts. :


  • I just looked at my 101 in 1001 list. I doubt that it will all be done by May 2011 (dang 1001 days flew by!), but I have my mind focused especially on goals 43-50. I know it won’t happen in 5 months, but I’d love to be well on track! I’d also like to work on making goal 75 happen. :-)


  • Remember this desk? Yeah, it’s not done. After fighting a few times with trying to sand the little nooks and crannies down and watching the wood lose its shape in some of the detailing (I’m assuming this desk is a VERY soft wood, unfortunately), I decided that the staining just isn’t in the cards for this piece. :( Since it’s for the craft room, after all, I decided it’s getting painted. Stay tuned for that.


  1. A few things-
    1. I also have a 101 in 1001 list, but I only have 45 items on it! I really like how you divided things into categories and came up with items based on that. That might help me come up with my remaining items!
    2. I love to crochet, but can’t knit worth a darn! I think whichever one you learn first is always easier!
    3. This morning I googled “non-perishable oreo truffles” cuz I made them last year but couldn’t remember if it really was as easy as I was remembering… and your blog came up as one of the first results! I think it was your old food blog though–skinny food by amy? I thought that was cool!

    • Teale – LOL @ #3! That was my old food blog. :) And funny how different crochet and knitting is…I really want to be able to do both!

      T – We’ve been working towards it, but sometimes I forget to recycle a couple of days or so. So, it’s not “done” yet. But seriously, no need to be harsh in your comment. It’s a goal I’m working towards.

  2. Seriously, you need to start recycling. That’s something you can start today and carry it right on through the rest of your life.

  3. T – Seriously, you need to STFU. That’s something you can start today and carry right on through the rest of your life.

  4. Really, you want me to shut up about recycling? I didn’t think my comment was all the harsh considering how easy it is to recycle. Every little bit counts. Wouldn’t you agree? I personally think it’s appalling that people don’t take better care of where we and our children will live. Don’t you worry about it as well?

    Anyway… Merry Christmas.

    • Your attitude (“seriously…”) was harsh. You could have addressed that goal that I have made in a nicer manner. Just realize that snark really will not illicit the best response out of others on a public blog.

      And yes, recycling is something I would like to do. This is why it’s a goal of mine.

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