Twenty Eleven…Two Thousand Eleven..

…however you name it, it’s another New Year. It’s also another new decade. Does that mean that my resolutions need to be 10x more awesome? I guess so!

Since I have my 101 in 1001 list almost done in May, I’m focusing my 2011 on those. As of 1/4/11, here’s my stats:

43 done
23 in progress
31.5 not done
3.5 can’t be done

So, I do have a good bit to go here, and the categories that need the most attention are:


I mentioned yesterday that I’m redoing my priorities. Etsy isn’t my priority right now, so that got nixed. Obviously, I need to devote my energy mainly to my health. Cooking/baking will probably get done as well, but in my mind, I need to really ensure that I check some of those things off on the health/fitness category.

Stereotypical, I know. We ALL want to get healthier and better ourselves. I’ve made this a resolution for years, and the only time I got some success was pre-wedding. I showed myself that I can do it, so I need to just do it.

I rejoined Weight Watchers before Christmas. I’m hopeful that this will be my last time I’ll ever join again!  (I am the person who joins W/W for a month, then quits…then rejoins again.)

How many of you are on healthier resolution bandwagon this year? What are you doing to make it happen?


  1. I think I mentioned on your last 101 in 1001 mention that you inspired me to break my list down into sections and maybe I’d be able to think of my whole 101 things… and I did that & it worked! A chunk of mine are also health/fitness related and I’m definately focusing on that right now! I’m doing WW as well (and have many times in the past). What are your thoughts on their new Points Plus program (that is, if you did it before Points Plus, how do you like the change from just regular old Points)? Today is my first actual day doing Points Plus & I feel like I have so many points I don’t know what to do with them all! LOL.

  2. Good luck with your goals. I did a WW type program one year and it did wonders for me. Will definitely get back on that bandwagon later this year.

    I am trying not to make too many resolutions, more to just set some priorities. Happy New Year!

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