Three years ago..

Three years ago, I sat in my parents’ kitchen trying to figure out a way to surprise them with dinner. My skills were limited to scrambled eggs, boiling hot dogs and reheating Chef Boyardee. I was feeling ambitious, so I went to the store and bought the ingredients to make Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs.

I can’t tell you how intimidating it was to cook a real meal, but after fleeing from the kitchen fighting onion tears, washing my hands multiple times because raw meat scares me, making sure to take pictures of something (since I wanted to start a blog) and meticulously measuring each individual ingredient, the meatballs were in the oven. It was all up to the oven to make sure that my meatballs actually came out….and they did. Oh, and they were YUMMY!

I love to look back on my old posts. This was my very first blog post. Unorganized, full of small, awkward pictures, but I love it. Those were my first real kitchen successes, and they were all delicious!

In fact, one of those recipes from my first post is actually now a family tradition during the holidays: the white chocolate cranberry pistachio biscotti.


So, here I am 3 years later. An identity crisis solved since, well, I’m not the perfect dieter. I’m still learning how to cook/bake, and I’m loving it. I love sharing my cooking adventures with y’all too! As lame as this may sound, I still get butterflies in my stomach when y’all leave comments. I love it!

Since you guys have been super awesome, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for every year that you’ve been around. So, there will be 3 giveaways next week! That’s right…3! I hope y’all don’t mind. :)

Thanks again for reading! Here’s to another yummy year! :)


  1. At least you took a pic for your first blog post! Ha I didn’t even do that. I didn’t even write a recipe really lol. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Don’t you just love looking back on that very first post?! I can’t wait to check out your giveaways :) Oh! And happy blogiversary!!

  3. happy blogiversary! :) I still remember the first “big” meal I made in my apartment — PW’s lasagna for J when we were still dating. I was so scared it wouldn’t turn out, but it did! Ah, memories.

  4. Happy blogiversary, Amy! Here’s to many more years + many more delicious meals! xo

  5. Congratulations to you and your blog! :)

  6. Happy three years! Congrats!

  7. Happy 3rd blogiversary! Isn’t it fun to see how far you’ve come? Keep up the great work!

  8. Congrats on 3 years!

  9. Congrats! What a wonderful milestone.

  10. Happy Blogiversary, friend! Look how far you’ve come! And your first post is WAY better than mine! Here’s to 3 more delicious years from The Nifty Foodie! I can’t wait!

  11. Happy Blogiversary Amy!! Can you believe it has been three years?! I love your blog and can’t wait to see what the next three years bring! :)

  12. Happy Blogiversary. I only found you recently, and can’t remember if I’ve commented…

    I am going to try that biscotti! I wanted to ask- you substituted Splenda; do you think I could substitute with stevia powder? it’s much lower volume so I’d make that up with another spoonful of flour?

  13. Hey, come check out my blog. I put you on a list of Amy bloggers! Hope you like!

  14. Happy Blogiversary! Wow, three years?!? That’s such an accomplishment!

  15. Wow girl – 3 years is impressive! :) You have come such a long way…I love looking back at your first post and seeing the progress! You rock :)

  16. Whoa! I’m tardy to the party, but congratulations!What an accomplishment!

  17. happy blogiversary!

  18. Happy 3rd blogiversary Amy! Three years is awesome!

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