Blogiversary Giveaway #1!

I hope y’all had a great weekend! For us, it was a pretty long, 3-day weekend that resulted in getting a good bit of housework done. I’m ashamed to admit that the kitchen was basically closed most of the weekend (we ate out…a lot.), but hey, it’s ok to take a cooking/baking break every once in a while!

I’m sure you want me to stop rambling and get to the good stuff. ūüėČ

The first of the blogiversary giveaways is for a $20 credit to CSN stores! I actually really never knew about them until a few blogger friends held giveaways, and after winning one myself, I was able to see if they are a good online store or not. I ended up not buying anything food related, since I have WAY too many kitchen gadgets as it is!

I was actually first looking at their luggage stores for a few¬†upcoming trips I’m taking, but I ended up purchasing something for crafting¬†(typical). I’m happy to say that I got my order within a week, which is pretty awesome since I didn’t pay extra for shipping.

So, when CSN reached out to have a giveaway at The Nifty Foodie, I knew I couldn’t say no! Free moolah? Why not go for this?!

All you have to do to enter is comment telling me, what you would buy from CSN stores with the credit. :)

For an additional giveaway entry, post this on your Twitter and comment back with the Twitter link: “I just entered @niftyfoodie’s Blogiversary Giveaway: $20 credit to @csnstores. Enter here!

You have until Friday, January, 21st at 11:59pm to comment.

Just a note: only US/Canada readers can enter this giveaway. (Just as an FYI to Canadian readers, CSN’s shipping may cost more due to international shipping charges.)

FTC Disclosure: This prize is provided by CSN Stores. :-)

Best of luck! Oh,¬†and stay tuned….tomorrow’s giveaway is going to feature my FAVORITE guy from¬†Food Network! :-)¬†




  1. Some wall art for our bathroom redo or maybe towards a new lighting fixture for our entry. I love CSN!

  2. I’m hoping to get a new digital scale for my kitchen!

  3. Wow, they have everything! I’ve never seen CSN before today.
    To answer the question, and thus enter the giveaway: We moved into our new-built house 13 months ago. You’d think that after a year the place would be more homey and lived-in looking, but no, it still seems somewhat unfinished. I really do need a few kitchen things, like a garlic press (the last one died a horrible death squeezing a key lime), and I’m really wanting some silicone baking dishes, but what I think I would end up buying is something for the bathrooms. Mine is cavernous. I need something in there to make it cozy. I am going to look at the bathmat sets. There are so many! So that’s what I’m saying, bathroom rugs and such. Though I could well change my mind by then. :)

  4. I really want Rachael Ray’s oval pasta pot so I would put the credit toward that or any other fun gadget that I don’t have room for in my kitchen. :)

  5. I would get some new bakeware! Possibly the Frieling Heart Shaped Springform pan – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  6. I would put the credit toward a new coffee table. We donated my husband’s bachelor one (glass, square, and wrought iron. ew!) and haven’t picked up a new one yet! We’re looking for anything round/oval and walnut-ish to match our tv stand.

  7. Nikki Tanner says:

    I love the childrens furniture :)

  8. Nikki Tanner says:

    i posted it on twitter!

  9. We need a new kitchen scale, so that would be top of my useful items list. But I’d really WANT to spend it on shoes! :)

  10. I would use it towards the purchase of a lamp that I’ve had my eye on…

  11. I would probably buy yet another kitchen gadget or a new cookbook!

  12. Congratulations on your blogaversary! If I won I’d probably use my credit to help us buy new bath towels.

  13. Congrats on the blogiversary! I would get a travel alarm clock for our upcoming cruise.

  14. Probably a gadget that I would never buy otherwise, something fun!

  15. I would get an ice cream maker!

  16. I would get a replacement Fiesta plate for our collection…the original somehow ended up on the floor, in pieces. :/ They have really good prices on their Fiesta! Thanks!

  17. I would like to buy a pastry bag and tips to use for decorating cupcakes.

  18. Hmmm I would probably use that towards a cast iron pan or a dutch oven, because we could use both around here!

  19. And I tweeted :)

  20. I just tweeted the giveaway!

  21. I have my eye on a couple of LeCreuset pieces from CSN. A butter crock, for one!!

  22. There is a ottoman that I have my eye on!!

  23. CSN has SO much stuff, it’s hard to pick! But I would probably get some new picture frames for the walls in our family room!

  24. Maybe a garlic press… or a waffle maker… or an electric griddle… so much to choose from!

  25. Congrats on the anniversary. I think I would get a new set of mixing bowls. I don’t like the ones I currently have!

  26. I’m looking to get a ravioli cutter!

  27. I tweeted – @angiyt

  28. I’d LOVE to get a doughnut pan!

  29. I would definitely buy new sheets for my bed since my super-adorable puppy has decided to chew holes in TWO of my sheet sets.

  30. I tweeted the contest :)!/beav1279

  31. By far my favorite thing from there is the aprons. They just have the cutest ones! My hubby tells me he’s worried that aprons are becoming the new shoes in terms of shopping addictions ūüėČ

  32. I need a new candy thermometer, so I’d probably get that along with some more baking stuff.

  33. ShoeFanatic614 says:

    Ooh, I would definitely put it towards a new Cozy Coupe for my girl’s birthday!

  34. ShoeFanatic614 says:

    Tweet tweet!

  35. I want a potato ricer, so I can make authentic lefse for Christmas this year! :)

  36. I’d get some new linen napkins!