Blogiversary Giveaway #3

I hope everyone has had an awesome week!  I’ve had a blast reading your comments for giveaway #1 and giveaway #2 (both of which you can still enter). Giveaway #2, especially, because y’all are giving me handmade ideas for future giveaways. :-)

This last giveaway is actually a request from a couple of you. Last year, I held a similar giveaway, because I know that some of y’all aren’t able to find some ingredients that I consider staples in our Louisiana kitchen. It was probably the most comments I’ve ever received from a giveaway, which to me, shows that y’all want some Louisiana staples in your kitchen, for sure! (Can’t say I don’t blame you!)

New Orleans Giveaway Redux

So, here it is folks. Quite a few of these are things we use in our home regularly. The crawfish boil makes for some AMAZING mashed potatoes (and of course, boiled seafood). Tony Chachere’s seasoning is like the salt & pepper in the house, especially for my husband, who loves things WAY spicier than I do. Community Coffee with Chicory is a CRAZY strong coffee. While we don’t make coffee in our house regularly, I do get this stuff at the local coffee shop. This is NOT your typical Starbucks-like coffee. :-) Gumbo File is an ingredient that is a must-have for making gumbo. My friend in NYC said this stuff was no where to be found, so here it is..up for grabs. And of course, Zatarain’s Jambalaya, Gumbo and Pastalaya mixes for easy peasy weeknight dinners. :-)

Here’s the deets:

All you have to do to enter is comment telling me, what would you like to see more of on The Nifty Foodie?

For an additional giveaway entry, post this on your Twitter and comment back with the Twitter link: “I just entered @niftyfoodie’s Blogiversary Giveaway: Louisiana Staples for the Kitchen. Enter here!

You have until Monday, January, 24th at 11:59pm to comment.

Just a note: Only continental US readers can enter this giveaway.

FTC Disclosure: These prizes are provided by The Nifty Foodie.

Thanks so much for reading this blog for the past three years. I’ve had so much fun sharing my kitchen adventures with you, and best of luck with the giveaways!


  1. I’d like to see more healthy meat/veg recipes… since it’s what I try to cook most often!

  2. i tweeted.

  3. more of the same! love the blog!

  4. My husband and I LOVE Zatarain’s! I’d like to see more non-dessert posts! I’m always looking for a good main dish recipe.

  5. Great giveaway! I’d love to see more dinner recipes.

  6. More Louisiana dishes would be great.

  7. I tweeted.

  8. The easiest things for me to cook on work-days is slow-cooker meals and casseroles, so I’d love more recipes in those two categories!

  9. I just tweeted the contest :)!/beav1279

  10. OMG Awesome prize!!! This makes me so excited for my upcoming NOLA trip :). I’m a total book nerd and always wanted to try Community coffee after reading about it in the Ya-Ya books. I would love to see more regional recipes on your blog!

  11. I agree with Jenn D., some more main-course rice dishes? Rice is the bain of my existence in the kitchen – we don’t eat it often enough to justify a rice-cooker, and except for risotto, I have never ever been able to make a rice that tastes good and has the right texture :(

  12. I’m not entering this one.. I have everything but the coffee already in my pantry. Cannot live without Tony Chacheres creole seasoning! They make a lower salt (higher spice) version that I use too. And Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix in the pantry + a link of sausage in the freezer is my go-to no-time-for-dinner dinner.

    I would love to see more potluck-worthy dishes. :)

  13. How about more Louisiana dishes?

  14. I loved your tomato paste entry which I thought was so smart because I rarely need a whole can. So, I’d love more “nifty tips” and Louisiana dishes would be great as well.

  15. I love this blog! Maybe some budget friendly meals for those of us pinching our pennies!

  16. More breakfast foods! Your ideas are spectacular!

  17. Hannah Powers says:

    I would love to see more dinner/main dish recipes! Bonus points if they aren’t too $$$. Love the nifty foodie!!!

  18. I love your NO/cajun recipes since they’re so unfamiliar. Also more cooking/cleaning tips for the kitchen!

  19. I would love to see more healthy dinners.

  20. more baking!! i know there’s baking stuff everywhere on blogs… but i really do love finding out what other people are baking. :)

  21. I would like to see more nightly meals. :)

  22. More vegetable recipes

  23. I’d love to see more healthy recipes. I’m always looking for ways to lighten up dishes!

  24. tweeted :)

  25. Great giveaway! I’d like to see more “in progress” photos, meaning for more complicated recipes, posting pictures of things as you go along, rather than just a “final product” picture. Sometimes those can be helpful to those that are less kitchen savvy!

  26. I love seeing easy weeknight meals!

  27. I need some savory pie recipes!

  28. What a great package of goodies! I use Tony C in everything!

    I’m all for more of your yummy authentic Cajun food- I *love* it, but don’t really know how to make the “good” stuff, you know?

    I tweeted, btw! :)

  29. I’m a newbie here…but just keep on with what you are giving! It’s great recipes!! LOVE Tony C! Use it all the time!!

  30. Baked goodies, like bread, cake, and pie!

  31. Charity S. says:

    I would love more down-home recipes.

  32. Charity S. says:

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