Scrap Overhaul

I absolutely cannot believe how my scraps I’ve accumulated over the year. So many fun projects, and when I look at these scraps, I can remember what I made with each piece of fabric. Ah, memories…I’m a sentimental junkie.


I thought about what to do with these scraps. Should I just trash them? I mean, they’re scraps, right?

However, The most difficult thing about throwing them away is that these scraps represent my first year of sewing. Uh, majorly sentimental, no?

So, I ::have:: to make something with these to remember my year with my Singer.

::enter Go! Baby machine::

I spent a better part of my evening cutting ALL of my 2010 (cotton) scraps into these itty bitty 2.5″ triangles. This picture is only half of the scraps, actually.


I’m making a 2010 quilt. A quilt is a great way to cuddle up and remember the year, right? I’m not sure about how I’m going to sew all of these baby triangles together yet, but that’s what grid paper is for!

And yes, I know this quilt is going to take quite some time, but I think the finished product will be definitely worth it. :-)

Are you a sentimental junkie like me? Or do you think I’m insane to even go for this? 😛


  1. oh I bet your quilt will be beautiful! I also am very sentimental. I think the same thing about yarn that I have left over after knitting projects. I’m currently making a rug for the laundry room out of yarn I won’t use for anything else.

  2. I am not very sentimental, but I cannot wait to see what you do with this. I know it’s going to be awesome.

  3. What a great idea! I am the same way with paper scraps, it only I could make a quilt out of them! :)

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