Never Again

This blog post is embarrassing. I’ve never weighed this much in my entire life.

On my wedding date, I was 241 lbs. This was after a rehearsal dinner binge, and I thought I was fat.

Little did I know…

I’m 290 lbs., according to the WW scale. 292.2 lbs. according to my home scale.

I gained FIFTY POUNDS since my wedding in May 2009. FIFTY POUNDS!!!!

You want to see what that looks like? It’s ugly and shameful.

My Before

I just can’t believe it. I went from this…

To, well, this. :-(

Pity party for one, please!

Bright side. I’m changing it. I’m treating my WW Points like money. I’m not going into what I’m going to call “food debt”, which will lead to weight gain. I’ve gained enough.

I’m done.

I’m going to give y’all updates every month with pictures, weight and measurements.

I might possibly need y’all’s help with some workout stuff along the way, too! (You’ll find out about that in later posts!)


  1. I wish you the best on this journey. You can do it! We all know you can.

  2. You can do it!!! I’ll be here cheering every step of the way. :)

  3. You are courageous. I’m in my weightloss journey right now too. It’s hard. It sucks. But at the same time, being fat is hard, it sucks.

    You CAN do this. You WILL do this.

    Feel free to email me anytime. I don’t/won’t talk much about weightloss on my blog because that’s not what it’s about. I’ll mention things here and there but that’s about all.

    ::Hugs:: to you. This will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

    PS-What a beautiful wedding picture.

  4. I’m thinking about joining Jenna’s challenge too (I saw your tweets that you were doing that!), I just gotta take some pics. I gained probably 75 pounds in the last 3 years, since getting with my now-husband. Crazy how happiness sure can make a person fat, huh? I look forward to reading about your journey & seeing your progress!

  5. Best of luck to you! I know you can do it! I think the hardest part is saying that you want to do it, and you’ve already done that. I can’t wait to see you in NOLA!

  6. I see that you are also joining Jenna’s challenge. Me too! I need to take photos to send to her. You can do this. We can do this! I’m so impressed that you are putting your numbers on your blog. I don’t know if I could do that….maybe at the end.

    I’m looking forward to following your journey. I’ve got the workout thing pretty much under control so if you need suggestions, just let me know!

  7. It was so brave of you to do this, Amy. You know we’ve all got your back, and I can’t wait to hear about (and see!) all of your success!

  8. I believe in you, Amy! It sounds like you are really committed to change, and I look forward to following your journey :)

  9. You are going to be an awesome cheerleader for yourself on this journey! You can do it!

  10. You can do this, one step at a time, one day at a time.

  11. So proud of you! I can’t wait to cheer you along the way!

  12. I’m cheering for you! You can so this :)

  13. Good luck girl! You can do it! :)

  14. Ooop! I meant to post that comment on your work-out post! I wanted to say that you are super brave, I totally admire you for taking charge on this post! :)

  15. Amy, you can do this! Just stay confident and strong and know that you have our support! If you ever feel as if you’re slipping, let us know so we can boost you up and hold you accountable! Good luck!!!

  16. I went to my first WW meeting today. I am glad you are sharing your story. I can’t wait to follow and hope that your posts will help me out too!

  17. Amy, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can. It will be incredibly difficult, and it ALWAYS will be – the only thing that’s easier about weight maintenance compared to weight loss is that you’re used to it. But you can do it, and the longer, happier, healthier life you lead as a result will be worth it. Good luck.

  18. You can do this !! Seriously I’m in the same boat…badly want to lose weight so I started up a personal daily blog so I can keep myself motivated

    p.s. Where did you get that awesome camera strap cover???

    • Jen,

      I actually DIY’ed it! It was pretty simple. Maybe I should post a tutorial…it’s way better than spending $30 for one online!

  19. Please do a tutorial!! I want to make sure it stays in place instead of up and down :)

  20. Good luck lady!
    I lost 60 lbs last year (i’ve gained about 15 back) but the key for me was exercise and very little “whites”… pasta, rice, bread, sugar… the good stuff :). The reason I’ve gained some back is from not exercising. I hate to do it but it does help and I do feel better once I force myself.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  21. I AM WITH YOU! I need to get back on track with my WW. I have had a lot of life change going on right now but want to get back on track. So I’ll be right there with ya soon enough! :)

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