Challenge Me! (Week 2)

Challenge Week 1

Last week, y’all challenged me to over 100 minutes of working out!! I am so excited to say that I’m only a few short minutes away from meeting y’all’s challenge!!

Here’s how I split it up so far:

60 minutes – Kickboxing
30 minutes – Brisk walking (in a pretty hill-y area)

All I have left to do is 18 minutes, which I plan on doing either on the Wii Just Dance game or the 30 day Shred! Thanks everyone for helping to challenge me to actually get moving!

Do y’all want to challenge me again? I think I’m going to up it this time.

I will work out FOUR minutes for every comment on this blog post. Four minutes. :-)

All you need to do is leave a comment. :-) I really dig comments, obviously! I’ll close the comments on Monday evening, and get to working out right away! Thanks for your support everyone! :-)


  1. Woo Hoo! Keep it up!

  2. A. Marigold says:


  3. Super proud of you for this! You rock!

  4. How did I miss this before? What a great idea! Woohoo! You’re awesome, Amy!

  5. Yay! Go girl! Don’t you love the new points system at WW?!

  6. Get after it!! You can do it, yeah!!

  7. You’re doing great!

  8. you can do it!!

  9. Here’s to another 4 mins!

  10. Do it! Here are my 4 minutes! :)

  11. AWESOME JOB!! Can I just keep posting comments to up your total? :o)

  12. This is such a fab way to motivate. I like to see the breakdown. The shred is SO killer – Jillian always kicks my butt!! Rock on!

  13. This one’s for the full on nachos! ;o)

  14. This one’s because you are doing an amazing job!

  15. This one’s for good measure! xo

  16. Four for me!

  17. Add on another 4!! SO inspired by your journey. You can do it!!!

  18. Do 4 for me! :) Keep up the good work!

  19. You got this!! Go! Go! Go!!! :)

  20. I think I’m too late…but this is such a great motivator! You Go!…or since you are an LSU gal…should I say Geaux! 😉

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