Gone Vintage

For a while, I’ve lusted over blogs that featured adorable vintage bedsheets being made into fabulous accessories and clothing. Each time I went to my local Goodwill, I really would NOT luck out. The sheets were heavily faded, stained or just plain ugly.

That was until last weekend.

Vintage Finds

Last weekend, I ventured out to the farmer’s market for some infamous Louisiana strawberries, only to leave empty handed since they sold out. After that, I went to a local produce stand to find strawberries, but theirs were $4/pint (heck no…not paying that). Feeling a bit defeated, I started driving home and noticed the Goodwill. I figured I might as well try.

BINGO! I found 3 sheets and a pillow case!! Aren’t the prints adorable, too?

The price? $7.

$7 for appx. 7 yards of fabric! I call that a deal, for sure!

My big plans with these sheets is to make the majority of the fabric into reusable grocery bags. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while, but didn’t want to spend $6-$7/yard on the fabric to make the bags, since you can buy them for cheaper than that.

However, the great thing about making these bags is that they will be cute, as well as convenient to use (they will fold up into their own little bag for easy storage in my car). Plus, I’ll get all of the warm fuzzies knowing that I made them. I love those warm fuzzies!

Have you sewn with vintage sheets before?


  1. How cool – I would have never considered making reuseable grocery bags. We have a motley assortment of them from Whole Foods and a few other stores, but they’re prone to breaking fairly easily. I’d love to “dress up” something a little more durable!

  2. What a great find – can’t wait to see them turned into grocery bags! I’m always keeping an eye out for vintage sheets too, but haven’t lucked out yet. I really want to find a chair to reupholster for our living room so I’m going to be making the rounds of thrift stores – thanks for reminding me to keep an eye out for sheets!

  3. I used to sew with sheets a lot…probably long enough ago that any sheets from that period you would call vintage. It was a huge price savings over fabric from the fabric store.

    I also used to make almost all of my own and my kids clothes; for me because I’m so tall and could get lengths right and for kids because I loved to and I thought I was saving some money. But not so sure if that would be the case anymore. Fabric prices are out of control…I recently make a cape for myself for a Halloween costume and though I love it and am finding use for it beyond that one night…the cost was almost $100. People want me to make one for them and I say sure…for $500… because of the time element! Or do I just value my own time more and know that has to be factored in when I never used to consider that?

    Fun idea though…and I always applaud recycling of any material!

  4. I love this!!! I never thought to look for fabric at Goodwill. Add that to my list! :)

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