A bunch of randoms…

  • Weight loss is steadily going well. It’s very slow weight loss, but hey, at least it’s not a gain. I’ve been going to kickboxing classes every week, and walking the dog around a bit more since it’s warming up a bit. I’ll probably update y’all in a couple of weeks with pictures (where you probably won’t be able to tell the difference much) and measurements! (Yeah, I need to measure myself…oops…)


  • I got a new sewing machine. This one, to be exact. It works like a dream so far and is WAY lighter than my old one. I’m trying to get used to having no auto-tension, but I pretty much love it. :-)


  • We’re slowly but surely decluttering the heck out of our house. We’ve come to realize that we’re accumulating a huge amount of crap again, and we just need to get it out! (Please don’t call Hoarders on us…) I see a garage sale in our near future! I’ve already filled up a Rubbermaid container with nothing but craft room stuff I want out. Eesh!


  •  I saw Cadbury Eggs at Target yesterday. Crap….it’s that time of the year already!? Speaking of Easter, look at this super cute basket! Adding that to the “to-do” list now, since Joey, Millie and I don’t really have Easter baskets. (and yes, our dog gets an Easter basket)


  • I’m going to need that baby on “Raising Hope” to stop being cute. She’s giving me a raging baby fever, and it’s just not fair. Does anyone else watch that show? I’m starting to like it more than Glee!


  • I went to Tallahassee this weekend with my mom and sister. My youngest sister is a super talented musical theatre student at NOCCA, and ::gulp::, she’s going to college next year. We went to Tallahassee for her to audition at FSU….she’s been actually doing auditions like crazy since the holiday season ended, and this was her last one. Fingers crossed that she gets into a great program!


  •  I hate junk mail. Hate it.


  • I also hate washing dishes.


  • Oh man, y’all. I tried knitting on the road trip to Tallahassee. It’s been SO long since I’ve knit, that I almost forgot everything. I’m super sad about this…I used to knit so well! Lesson learned: once you learn a craft, keep practicing!


  • I need Louisiana strawberries to be full-force in season again. I’m craving them like crazy and every place that carries them is sold out (since it’s super early in the season)!


  1. I try to always remind myself that I didn’t put this weight on overnight….or over one year, even…so I can’t expect to lose it quickly. And you’re doing it the healthy way instead of taking some pill. Keep at it!

    Cadbury Eggs already? I was literally just at Target and didn’t think to look. My husband LOVES them, but I always manage to forget about them till they’re sold out!

  2. Yes! I love commenting to challenge you every week! :)

  3. I love the comment challenge. You are doing so awesome. I love kickboxing. I thought of you the last time I did a kickboxing dvd. Have a great week!

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