Gotta love Amy…

Man, I can’t help but LOVE Amy sometimes. No, not me. I mean, I do love ME, but really… I ::LOVE:: this Amy a lot, because her fabrics are so great!

A good while back, I took a quilting class in the NOLA area and the project was a simple fat quarter quilt. Thankfully, we got to choose our own fabrics, so when I saw the Amy Butler table in the shop, I went a little nuts. I wanted an Amy Butler quilt!

It took me way too long to choose the 6 fabrics that I wanted on the quilt, though. I’m really really slow when it comes to choosing fabric combinations, because I’m constantly second guessing myself. However, I’m super happy with the results, because I really love turquoise/aqua colors involved.

Amy Butler Quilt

(I really need to work on taking nicer overall quilt pictures, eh? ::sigh::)

While making this quilt, I found that I totally fell in love with one particular fabric on this quilt.

Quilt Backing

I love this fabric SO much…so much. I ended up making it the backing and the binding for the quilt, and I bought additional yardage for projects. I’ll be nice and link to it. I just love the grey/taupe background with the aqua and chartreuse. It’s so spring-y and just lovely.

Here’s a picture of the binding against the other fabrics.

Binding on Amy Butler Quilt

So so perfect.

I’m just so happy that this quilt is finally finished. It cheers me up when I stare at it, and since I’m cold in our house all the time (silly hubs), I’m staring at this quilt a lot! :-)

Do any of y’all love Amy Butler fabrics as much as I do?


  1. Great job, your quilt is beautiful! I love Amy Butler fabrics too, for sure — I’ve eyed the Daisy Chain fabric many a time. :)

  2. Love the quilt and that fabric!

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