Hobby Lobby–I love you

When I first started sewing, I quickly became friends with my local Hobby Lobby. Fabric was adorable, fairly cheap and good quality. I remember walking into Hobby Lobby, asking the lady what bias tape was. I fully expected a roll of tape for fabric. I was that new to sewing,  y’all. The lady was very friendly, helpful and eager to help me find some fun fabrics to make my first projects with. In fact, my first quilt top was nothing but Hobby Lobby fabrics!

I actually avoiding Hobby Lobby for a while, because I’ve quickly found that my fabric stash is pouring out of the basket that I have. While I’d love to have a huge fabric stash, I have to remember that my craft room is also our guest bedroom. I can easily tuck away my fabric basket, but I can’t really tuck away a shelf of fabrics. :-)

However, my birthday was last week. And, well, I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby (thank you BIL’s family) and of course, I had to check out Hobby Lobby to see what they have! Oops…

Well, I spent my gift card way too quickly, but came out with this!

Hobby Lobby Fabrics

See that fabric on top? Doesn’t that remind you a LOT of Liberty of London?! I know y’all remember when Target had that fantastic line. I couldn’t help but grab up a couple yards of this, which was on sale for about $6/yard! If you like this fabric, it’s part of Hobby Lobby’s Spring line. :-) And yes, I have a project in mind for this fabric. Wahoo!

The fabric below it is in their regular Calico prints, which was also on sale. It looks like it was meant to match the floral print above, no? LOVE these colors! I also bought the bottom two fabrics, because I can hardly find purple fabrics that I like. I love the modern-y prints on both of them, but have no clue what to do with them yet. Typical sewing dilemma. 😛

I also bought my first quilting/sewing magazine.

I’m super stoked about this quilt in the issue. I just love the argyle. LOVE it.

Are y’all addicted to Hobby Lobby like me? What do you love to shop for there?


  1. I thought that second fabric looked familiar… wanna see it on baby girl shoes?! http://www.joyfolieblog.com/2011/03/design-day-day-22-kodachrome.html

    I wish I had time to sew. I wish I had time for alot of things. (Mavi loves his blanket/binky thingy you made him)

  2. I love Hobby Lobby! Just wish mine was closer….I have to drive nearly an hour to get there…so when I go, I always stock up and it gets expensive. But its a great store for all kinds of craft and decor items.

  3. Oh I love the second print! (..and I practically lived in Hobby Lobby while planning my wedding :P)

  4. Love the fabric choices…making me want to get some myself!

    P.S…..when are you going to post a tutorial of the camera strap?? :)


  5. I’m SO addicted to Hobby Lobby. I often go and walk around the store when I’m bored. I usually say I’m just “browsing” but I almost always walk out with something. My husband hates Hobby Lobby, probably because I spend money there.

    I love those top 2 fabrics! I’ve seen them a few times and wanted them, but I’m not sure where I’d put them…

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