Grilled Corn Grits

Corn Grits

I love grits. Usually in the winter, grits are a big part of my breakfast, because they just seem to warm the soul. I know that sounds cheesy, but really, there is NOTHING like a good, warm bowl of grits.

I remember the first time we went to a restaurant called Zea Rotisserie in Metairie (right outside of New Orleans). They have amazing food, such as this pesto trout that makes your taste buds sing, but the real goodness is in their side items. Taking up a small part of the menu, there it is…the corn grits. Really, I think Zea’s needs to fix their menus and put a huge arrow next to the corn grits with a caption saying “MUST TRY THESE NOW!”, because it’s just so plainly listed on the menu and these grits, to me, are the epitome of grits awesomeness.

I never really thought of making them myself, because in my head, there was no way Zea’s would share this awesome recipe with the world. Why should they? But, oh…yes, somehow they did. On Food Network’s website of all places. The whole world can make these corn grits, and I absolutely believe they should.

Now, these grits are not for the health conscious. What do you think makes them so dang AMAZING? 2 sticks of butter and a pint of heavy cream. Yup…Paula Deen, eat your heart out!

Grilled Corn Grits
Source: Zea Rotisserie (via Food Network)


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup yellow grits
  • 1/2 pound butter
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 ear grilled corn, kernels removed


  1. Bring the water and heavy cream to a boil in a large pot.
  2. Stir in the grits and keep stirring until the grits are well incorporated.
  3. Cut the butter into tbsp sized pieces and add them to the grits, as well as the salt. Stir well.
  4. Once everything is stirred in, add your corn at the end and enjoy!


  1. Woah – 2 cups heavy cream + 1/2 lb butter?! Yikes. I’m positive this means that this is going to be an amazing dish. I’ve never been able to get into grits but that hasn’t stopped me from trying new variations :)

  2. I love grits and I think this version sounds great!

  3. Yummmm I love grits!!

  4. Mmmm…deliciousness. Grilled corn makes everything better. Just one question – no cheese? :)

  5. Why haven’t I ever thought of putting corn into grits? It makes so much sense! And I’m not sure about all that cream and butter… but cheese is a must. 😉

    • The Nifty Foodie says:

      Ooo…I love cheese in my grits, but I do have to say, these grits are fabulous on their own. I promise!

  6. I love most all grits, cheesy or not. I LOVE the addition of corn.

  7. Mmmm, I bet that is delicious! I’m going to try adding roasted corn to my usual corn grits recipe because I’m not sure if I can take that much butter and cream, haha. It does sound amazing though!

  8. I wish I had a giant bowl of these grits right now…with a side of bacon :)

    This looks like such a satisfying, cozy breakfast…or side…or dinner!

  9. zea’s corn grits are awesomesauce!

  10. You know how sometimes you find something online it makes you so happy you are literally smiling? You did it. I’ve only visited NOLA once and I ate everything. All of the traditional stuff. But this was the one thing I could not, COULD NOT get out of my head. They live in Covington…so I know this is the ONE.. the funny thing is when my friend says Metairie I was hearing MEDery…awe! Anyway I had roatissarie sp? chicken and the grits…I had my reservations…but you are right. ADD NOTHING. The sweetness of the corn paired with the salty and creamy grits….heaven. Just heaven. Stumbling, meeting and telling anyone who will listen they’ve gotta eat these…Think you so much for posting. Now I can share my trip with my family instead of it just being a fond memory!!!

  11. Georgia says:

    How long do you cook the grits?

    • The Nifty Foodie says:

      Grits cook very quickly, so really once you stir them in and let them incorporate, they should be done!

  12. I just visited New Orleans this past week—ate at Zea’s–had the roasted corn grits and shrimp——am still reeling over the grits—I’m from GA so grits are not new to me but these were heavenly—that is why I was searching for the recipe here—Thanks for posting it!


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