A bunch of randoms

  • I can’t believe we’re closing on our new house in 4 short days. It’s a strange to think that we’ll be in a new house in a couple of weeks. It’s even stranger to think that our Christmas tree won’t be blocking the front door this year like it has in the past. Ah, small house problems. 😛


  • I’m joining a new weight loss challenge online. I know I can do this, but if you’ve read a while, I’ve said this multiple times and failed. Ugh. Anyway…I have to do this…I will do this…I need to get healthier! If anyone wants to join me in the weight loss challenge, here’s the link!


  • I’m way too excited about Fall Weather. I’m in the mood to go on a pumpkin buying binge and bake pumpkin-y treats all day. I also can’t wait until we’re in the new house so I can decorate the house and outdoors for the Fall, as well. :-)


  • Most of my crafty items are all packed away in boxes. Pinterest is making me want to unpack everything. I keep trying to tell myself that everything will be unpacked and done in one month. Maybe I should take this time to learn how to crochet? I mean, those supplies fit in a tote bag! 😛


  • I don’t understand the fuss over Missoni for Target. I went to my store and looked over everything, and just thought it looks way too loud for everyday wear or home decor for that matter. Not a fan.







  1. omfg – christmas countdown has me super twitchy already. it’s my fave time of year but i am not ready yet!! i AM ready for fall and all the goodness it has to offer – esp. some cooler weather!

    congrats again on the new house – can’t wait to see some shots of it!

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