Candy Corn Cookies

Candy Corn Cookies

Happy 4 days until Halloween!!

While Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday (I’m sure most of you can guess what my favorite holiday is. 😉 ), I feel like it’s fun to get in the spirit of it all. We decorated our house for Halloween, and I was thrilled to notice that in our new neighborhood, we aren’t the only ones who like to decorate. :-) I also noticed that our new neighborhood has LOTS of kids, so potential for Trick or Treaters? Wahoo! In the old neighborhood, we usually got a handful of kids, but some of them were way too old to Trick or Treat, in my opinion.

While we’re not dressing up for Halloween, I do have to admit that Millie has a costume haha! A yellow submarine. I was going to scour Goodwill for Ken dolls and paste them on the costume to have The Beatles and their Yellow Submarine, but alas, this whole moving thing has my energy devoted to unpacking and settling in the new house. :-) So, Millie will just be a submarine, and a very cute one at that.

Of course with Halloween being a few short days away, I had to take out my KA mixer for the first time since moving in the new house and whip up something festive. I found this idea on Kathie Cooks (via Pinterest) and it couldn’t be easier. It’s one of those ideas where you sit there and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Since I used a recipe that I’ve already blogged (linked below), I’m just going to share how these are made.

  1. Whip up your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (I used this one for rolled cookies so they hold their candy corn shape without spreading.), divide the dough in 3 equal portions, dye one portion yellow, one portion orange and leave the last one undyed.
  2. Take out a bread pan and line it with saran wrap. Roll out the undyed portion and place it in the bread pan, spreading the dough evenly throughout the whole pan. Then, roll out the orange portion, press it in the bread pan on top of the undyed dough, making sure to spread that evenly as well and then lastly, the yellow.
  3. Cover and chill the dough in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Then invert the pan on a cutting board (releasing the dough), and slice across the block in 1/4″ pieces. Cut the dough into triangles and bake according to your recipe’s instructions.



  1. What a cool idea!! They look great!

  2. Amy, these are super cute!!

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