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  • Just to note: I’m attempting NaBloPoMo again this year, since last year was so fun. I loved how it motivated me to share more on the blog, and I hope that I can do it this year! With the new house and holidays approaching again, I’m sure I have a ton to blog about! :-) If you want to sign up for it, the site has changed over to BlogHer’s site and you can sign up there. :-)


  • We held a crap dump¬†garage sale on Saturday. I had to laugh when one of my friends mentioned to me that we have a lot of garage sales. Totally didn’t realize that, but we usually have 2 per year. We really buy too much junk and need to seriously get a handle on that. My brain fart of the week is that in ALL of the ads that we posted/paid for, the date said Saturday,¬†August 29th. And before you ask, yes, I had people proof it…guess we’re all having brain farts. Fortunately, I was able to correct 2 of the ads. It seemed like people who read the newspaper classifieds translated August 29th to October 29th, though. :-)


  • As you might already know, our old house is for sale. We’re trying the for sale by owner route to save 6%. Some of you may think we’re cheap, but 6% of our asking price is about $8400. That’s a lot of moolah, y’all! So, fingers crossed that this house sells. We’ve gotten quite a few calls and have done one showing so far. I’d love to have this house sold by Christmas, but I’m sure not many families house hunt during the holiday season. :(


  • I’m back on the weight loss wagon. I’ve been counting calories for 2 weeks, and I’m starting C25K this week (tomorrow actually). The number on the scale made me cry two weeks ago, and I never want to see that number again. EVER. I’ll eventually share it with you guys, but it’s really embarrassing.


  • The new house is ::almost:: unpacked. There’s just a bunch of little things now, so we’re in the home stretch, for sure! Unbelievably, our house warming party is this weekend (time flies!) so the boxes need to be gone by then. :-) Can’t wait for our families/friends to see the new digs. :-)


  1. I am glad you’re doing NaBloPoMo too! Sounds like we have a lot of similar stuff going on right now so I can’t wait to read your posts.

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