Fabric Organizing

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been sewing for 2 years. I remember when I got my first machine in Christmas of 2008. It was sitting pretty in a box for a while, until my Mom majorly helped me out with the machine on Thanksgiving of 2009. I learned how to thread the sucker and practiced some stitches on an old dish cloth. (Thanks Mom!)

Since then, I’ve been slowly purchasing fabrics. Pretty fabrics. I would end up buying fabric, because it was cute with no project in mind. So of course, I started to see a small stash grow. I had a decent sized IKEA basket where I was storing the fabrics, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough space. Not nearly enough. It just never looked organized, so I had to do something different. :-)

So, I looked on the Internet to see what others were doing with their fabric, because I know people have MUCH more fabric than I do. That’s where I stumbled on this idea where you wrap fabric around comic book boards. Genius!

Fabric Organize

How simple is that? When it’s stacked side-by-side, it sort of looks like a little fabric library. I love it!

For the 1/2 yard cuts, I ended up cutting a board in half, to give the fabric something better to wrap around. Then, I ended up placing them in a smaller basket to keep them all together since the shelves on my bookcase are too deep for the 1/2 yard cuts.

Fabric Organize

I just love that I can easily see all of the fabric that I have and just as easily pull only what I need now!

How do you organize your fabrics?


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