Weight Loss…rewarding myself

I feel like I write about weight loss a lot. It’s a big goal of mine to live a healthier lifestyle, since I’ve been a larger gal most of my life. I’m at that age where it’s time to start thinking about starting a family, and it sort of hit me.

I can’t keep living like this.

This time, I can’t keep living like this, because one day, I might get blessed with a kid. And that kid doesn’t need to learn from Mom’s unhealthy habits. That kid needs to learn healthy habits, and the best way to do that? You learn from your parents.

Now, this isn’t a jab at my parents. In fact, I was eating fairly healthy under their watch. I love almost every fruit and vegetable, because of them. I CAN eat healthy, y’all! (They totally did things right!)

So what happened? Well, independence happened. Once I got the freedom to eat on my own, I made mistakes. Mistake after mistake formed unhealthy habits, and those habits led me to my current overweight/unhealthy status. Some of those mistakes included eating unhealthy every day, eating WAY too much food, and no longer exercising as much as I used to.

So, now that I’m at the stage where my husband and I have a TTC date in our heads, it’s gotten more real. I have to change for our kids. I must. I’m really good at deadlines, because if you remember, I lost a good chunk of weight before the wedding. That dress HAD to fit, and I made darn sure it fit comfortably.

Then, the bad habits reared their ugly head, and I gained back a lot of that weight plus some! So, I’m back. I’m calorie counting. I will be exercising soon, and I will make a healthy lifestyle my new habit.

Since the New Year, I’ve lost 9.5 lbs. (what??!) Yup. 9.5 lbs. So, I’m doing this. I really am.

Of course, I can’t do this without some motivation. I offered myself rewards last time I lost weight, and this time will be no different.

Once I lose:

    • 5% of my weight (or 15 lbs.), I’ll treat myself to a pedicure.
    • 10% of my weight (or 30 lbs.), I’ll treat myself to a mini $50 fabric buying spree.
    • 50 lbs., I’ll treat myself to a pair of fun, fancy shoes.
    • 20% (60 lbs.), I’ll treat myself to a mini-makeover at Sephora or MAC. Once I lose 60 lbs., I’ll be back to my wedding weight. :-)
    •  75 lbs., I’ll treat myself to some new workout clothes. I figure at this point, I SHOULD fit in XL/XXL in regular sized workout clothes, so BYE BYE plus sized workout clothes!
    • 30% (or 90 lbs.), I’ll treat myself to a fun Victoria’s Secret trip. I’ve never fit in VS before, but hopefully once I”m 90 lbs. down, I can get a few fun things there.
    • ONEDERLAND (or 99 lbs.), I’ll treat myself to my first designer handbag.
    • 110 lbs., I’ll treat myself to my first pair of fancy designer jeans.
    • GOAL, which is 40% (or 120 lbs.), WE’RE (my husband and I, obviously) GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! 

Lots of fun things to work for, right? I’m a measly 5.5 lbs. away from my first reward, and my toes CANNOT wait! :-)


  1. I’m so psyched for you! I know you can do this! I have 60ish lbs to lose, myself. One thing, though — don’t be too set on the VS prize. Maybe it’s because I’m a curvier gal (and much shorter than you), but I def. can’t fit in their lingere. Hopefully that won’t be the case for you. I know lots of girls who love VS and I used to buy bras there all the time until my PCOS kicked in and I grew a couple extra cup sizes my senior year of college. Now I mostly shop at Cachique (they go down to a 36 band size, I think, but have larger cup sizes than VS).

  2. You are going to ROCK this list! I love the idea of rewarding yourself. Losing weight is work & you should get prizes :)

  3. I’m rooting for you!! I know you can do it :) Enjoy your upcoming pedicure!

  4. Oh man, I am in the same boat! Gosh, I feel like we are in the same mind space. I want to actually lose weight before getting prego, for fear of gestational diabetes. I am taking it a day at a time.

    Nearly 10lbs that is really great! Keep up the good work 😉

  5. Hey there! Great post and best of luck in your journey. I need the kick in the pants myself since I’m trying to get pregnant and definitely need to get healthy and off of blood pressure meds. I like your reward set up. I’ve had the same idea in the back of my mind but never put pen to paper. Between your post and Shelly’s today at House of Smiths (http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2012/01/weight-loss-journey-from-beginning.html)…it may just be the kick I need.

  6. YOU GOT THIS!! Go for it, Amy! Congrats on what you’ve accomplished so far.

  7. What a great idea to reward yourself for reaching milestones! That would definitely keep me motivated as well. I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you: you can do this!!!

  8. I can’t wait to share Disney World tips with you in the very near future! You can so do this!!! :)


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