Baby Boy Quilt

A while ago, I was told that my friend’s sister was having a baby! I was super stoked for my friend and her sister, so I decided to throw together a quilt for the baby. This was going to be a unisex quilt, but since I took my darn time (ha!), I found out the sex of the baby since he was born, well a couple of months ago! (oof, crafter fail!)

The craft bug has been really biting lately, so I took this past weekend to finish this quilt. Whew!

I decided to go with a simple strip quilt, because I really wanted the fabrics to shine here. The main fabric was Giraffe Garden by Michael Miller, and I just purchased some fabrics using the colors in that particular print.

Baby Boy Quilt

This was my first strip quilt, and I have to say, it comes together rather quickly. It only took me a while to finish this quilt, because we had the big house move, had to unpack everything, the holidays happened, etc. Now that things are slowing down, I can safely say I’m going to be busy in my craft room. :-)

Baby Boy Quilt

Here’s another view of the fabrics I used. I just love how colorful and bright this quilt is! I hope the baby loves this quilt!

Baby Boy Quilt



  1. That giraffe pattern is adorable!

  2. Baby Linden LOVES his quilt! He snuggles on it on a regular basis, according to Mama Claire! 😉

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