Very lucky…

Since I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve discovered how awesome Twitter contests are. It’s like blog giveaways, but way quicker. Most of the time, the odds are better since less people enter, so I definitely go for them. Most of the time, prizes happen through a Twitter chat or a trivia contest. Easy enough…Google is your friend, y’all!

A couple of months ago, KitchenAid held trivia contests to publicize the Senior PGA tournament that they were sponsoring. The first prize they were giving away was this:

Image source

It was an under counter fridge. A gorgeous one at that. So, I answered the trivia question. Now, I wasn’t really holding my breath on this one, since it was a high value prize, but heck, you never know until you enter, right?

Well….the next day this happened…


So yeah..I won it!!

I told my husband, and while we were stoked, we were both unsure how we’d squeeze this in our kitchen. So, we planned on just keeping this in our garage in the meantime. :-)

Lo and behold, my husband knew someone who was building a house, and needed an under counter fridge. So, we sold the fridge to him since he definitely would use it for the purpose intended. That gorgeous fridge shouldn’t live in a garage!

With some of the money, I decided to gift myself a fun kitchen prize that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Check it out!

I’m WAY excited to break this bad boy in. Thank you so much to the folks at KitchenAid for the amazing prize. While the fridge didn’t work for us, this mixer definitely will! I would have never purchased this ordinarily, but because of the prize, I decided to treat myself (and ultimately, our family/friends/coworkers who get the baked goodies that come from our kitchen). :-) Cool, right??

Have you tried Twitter giveaways before?



  1. Congrats!!!!! You will love the crap out of that thing. It changed my baking life!

  2. How amazing!!! How do you even go about finding contests. I’d enter them too. I’m all over the free stuff!

  3. I didn’t even know they did giveaways through Twitter- I need to get with the program! I’m ready to start winning things now lol

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