Homemade Holiday Gifts: Part 2

Do you have your mixer and bowl ready?

A fridge full of butter?

Are you snacking on chocolate chips?…..No? That’s just me?!! 😛

Since I make gifts every year, I’ve come to learn that you don’t have to use super fancy recipes to impress. Based on feedback, those sugar cookies I’d spend hours decorating, while pretty, weren’t a favorite. Hilariously, the easiest thing to make (like dipped pretzels) usually won out. So, I wanted to share with y’all some tasty, yet not too time-consuming favorites for gifting.

First, here’s the favorites for cookies. These are the recipes you can make in advance, freeze, & bake when you’re ready.

Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies
Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies — These are just wonderful classic sugar cookies. Beats anything you can buy in the store!

Thick and Chewy
Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies — Again, just a classic cookie, but for the holidays, I like to buy the chocolate chips with red/green white chocolate chips mixed in the bag. Makes these more festive. Hint: You can also omit the chocolate chips and substitute in Christmas colored M&Ms!

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies — These aren’t very Christmas-y, but if you wanted, you could sprinkle the tops with Christmas colored sugars.

(I’ll also be posting another recipe for the chocolate cookies you saw in part one’s pictures next week, if you’re interested!)

Here’s some other past favorites that I’ve gifted:

Oreo Truffles — The condensed milk version of these doesn’t require refrigeration, and these are super easy to make/dip. Sprinkles hide imperfections, too!

Elf's Mix
Elf’s Mix — This was a FAVORITE last year. It’s a great salty/sweet combination, and so festive too! Super simple recipe too…gotta love how the easy ones are the favorites. :-)

Mom’s Peanut Butter Fudge — The picture just doesn’t do this fudge justice. It’s insanely good. I cut them into tiny 1×1 inch squares. They are just so rich, but delish!

Peppermint Marshmallows — These are perfect to add to a basket with hot cocoa mix!

Eggnog Cranberry Bread
Eggnog Cranberry Bread — This is a favorite for the holidays. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten from this bread! The streusel puts it over the top!

White Chocolate, Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti — This recipe is such an easy biscotti to make. It actually was my very first post on this blog. I love the red/green/white ingredient combination and the flavors just work so well together!
Peppermint Bark Cheesecake Truffles
Peppermint Bark Cheesecake Truffles — While these need to stay in the fridge (due to the cream cheese), I find that these truffles would be the perfect gift for neighbors. The mint taste isn’t too overpowering, and it’s just a cute twist on the classic peppermint bark.

I’d love to hear from y’all…what are your favorite recipes for gifting?

Stay tuned for a the last post in this series: food gift packaging.

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  1. Fun!!!!!!! Next weekend is my baking weekend and I think I’ll be adding peppermint marshmallows, Elfs mix and oreo truffles to my list!!

  2. Wonderful roundup! I hope to try making the peppermint marshmallows soon!

  3. Yes…what a fantastic list of holiday gifts. Hope I can make/eat/share the peppermint bark cheesecake truffles!!

  4. I love to make homemade holiday gifts! Last year I did truffles and they were a big hit. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  5. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes! I like making cranberry oat bars, gingerbread cookies, candy cane blossoms, and sugar cookies for mailing. Oh! and chocolate chocolate cookies. Oh man, I’m drooling at the thought of all this sugar!

  6. I am *not* a baker but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made your peppermint bark cheesecake truffles (drooool) and your sugar cookies (soft, chewy and perfect) and both turned out fabulously. Thank you for some great recipes!

  7. It is really hard to think of gifts especially for your friends. That’s the reason why I also prefer to give food like cakes or cookies during the holidays. This is something that everyone truly appreciates and enjoys.


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