A bunch of randoms


  • HAPPY DAY! My DietBet officially ended yesterday, and while the goal was to lose 10 lbs., I’m so happy to say that I lost 13 lbs.! The only thing I changed since the new year was joining a gym (finally) and adding strength training to my workout routine. Crazy how the pounds are just melting away. I’m addicted! I will be doing another DietBet that starts next Monday…at this rate, I could hit “Onederland” by this summer. How AMAZING would that be?!


  • I received a package from Influenster a couple of weeks ago that contained dish soap. Specifically, Palmolive Fresh Infusions. You know you’re officially old when you get excited about fancy smelling dish soap, y’all….but seriously, the Lime Basil scent (on the left) smells SO fresh and light. I’m in love…I even wash my hands with it instead of my Bath and Body Works stuff. It also works really well, so now I think I’m spoiled as far as dish soap is concerned.


  • I’ve been staring at size charts for a while now, and realized I’m 6 inches (in my waist, that is) away from fitting in my favorite regular sized clothing store (I can’t say favorite by the fit, but I can say favorite by the looks of the clothes and the fact there’s an outlet for them not very far from my house).


  •  The last time I was in the New Orleans area, I had to stop here. My favorite king cake place ever, and if you find yourself in New Orleans during king cake season, find one of these cakes. Wait in the line, no matter how long it is (it moves fast). You won’t regret it. I sliced it up in small pieces and froze them immediately so they can be a small splurge for me every now and then. So worth it!


  • I can’t believe it’s time for this, again. I started jalapenos, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and a ton of basil for the next growing season. Cannot.wait.


  • And a random picture. I refuse to buy new sweaters this season, so I’ve been wearing mine from last winter. It’s a bit ridiculous that these were tight on me last year. They look entirely too loose on me, but it’s a bit of a self esteem booster to see progress every time I look in the mirror. :-)

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