Overwhelming shopping difference..

Last week, I got some coupons from JCPenney. $10 off $10 or more. (I thought they didn’t do coupons anymore, but I guess I haven’t clothes shopped in a while…) Anyway, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to get some clothes on the cheap. I’m having an itch to get some bright, spring-y clothes, so I was pretty excited to see what they had.

I wasn’t sure what to expect though. This was my first time looking through the misses section in years. I’m talking since the 1990s, y’all.

Here’s a small vent I have about plus size sections in stores. The misses section of a store could have a whole darn floor in a department store, but the plus size section is usually 20ish racks within that floor. Oh, and within that plus size section, about half of it is for a more mature customer. So, the choices were very limited. Also, being a larger size in the plus sizes meant just automatically go to the back of the rack, hoping they had a 3X available. This is why I always hated shopping. It was seriously boring and depressing.

This past weekend, my husband and I went to the mall, and I was really excited to shop. This really never happens, y’all. I get excited to shop for gifts, but for me? HA! After we went to a couple of stores, it was time to face the misses section. My husband grabbed the first XL tee off the shelf, and recommended that I just try it on to even see if it fit. Not only did it fit, but the blue color looked awesome on me. It was a simple V neck fitted tee, which was only $6. Um…seriously? Simple tees in plus sizes are almost twice as much!

So, not only am I dealing with more choices…I’m also getting cheaper clothes? Awesome.

On the way to the fitting room, I also grabbed this bright, spring-y casual blouse. I’m a big fan of aqua/teals, so this one just called to me. This one fit as well. :-) Gosh, I love the colors in this blouse SO much!

I wanted to grab one more top, and my husband saw this fitted polo type of shirt. I just grabbed the XL, and we were off to the register before I could cause more damage to my bank account LOL! We found these three tops in one small section of the misses department. As we were walking out of the store, I was just overwhelmed by all of the clothing choices and possibilities (as well as the prices….you mean a work top doesn’t have to cost $40??!). This is just crazy to me!

Here’s the new tops that I purchased. Don’t they just scream Spring?


Another purchase I made this weekend were these (my before size jeans are below these for a size comparison)…


Lane Bryant was having an additional 70% off clearance sale for one day (Friday). Since my work pants were getting droopy, I figured I’d try my luck. Not only did I find a pair of work pants (for just $12, too!), I also got some guts and purchased my first pair of skinny jeans. Not just any skinny jeans either….teal colored skinny jeans! I felt pretty gutsy with that purchase haha! :-) And can I mention how awesome it is to shop in the 14/16 side of the rack vs. the 24/26? Just AWESOME!

Another great bonus right now is that I’m now fitting my little sister’s (before) clothes. My younger sister, Rachel, has lost 40 lbs. WHILE ATTENDING COLLEGE…yeah…she’s awesome. I asked my sister if she ever gave away any of her clothes, and luckily, her closet at home was still pretty full. :-) So, I told her if there were any clothes she no longer fits in that she doesn’t want, I’d definitely appreciate them. While my sister is 8 years younger than me, she has a ton of professional type clothes, since she’s a music major and has recitals/auditions/etc. I seriously hit the jackpot with what her & Mom brought me this past week.


It seriously doubled my wardrobe, and made me realize I probably need to do another clean-out of clothes that are too big on me. 😛

Oh, and this is what I wore to the mall on Saturday. :-) The cardigan is one of those hand me ups. I love it…a simple grey cardigan with white polka dots! :-) Thanks sis (and Mom, of course, since she probably purchased most of it.)!  Some of the clothes are a smidge too small (and some are really small, since they included some size L tops), but I’m sure once this DietBet is over in March, most of these pieces will be part of my daily wardrobe. So awesome…my wallet totally appreciates it! :-)


I’m so motivated right now! By the way, if you follow my Instagram, I’m sorry that I post a lot of weight loss related pictures. I’m worrying that it may be coming across as braggy. It’s more out of disbelief, I swear. I still can’t believe that this is all happening. :-)


  1. girl, your happiness just RADIATES in these photos! and don’t even apologize for being braggy- you should brag! you look fantastic and there are so many people rooting for you! you go, gorgeous!

    • Haha thank you! I just didn’t know if it was coming across the wrong way, but I’m so glad it isn’t!

  2. You look amazing! You are so right. It feels amazing to shop in the misses side instead of the plus side.

  3. I love how happy you look in all the pics! Way to go girl!

  4. Amy, you look so awesome! I am amazed at your hard work and discipline. You deserve every single piece of beautiful clothing you got. Way to go!

  5. You look so awesome and so happy!!

  6. I feel like J.C. Penny is my little secret. I hadn’t shopped there in years until a few months ago. I lost 25 pounds and really needed some work clothes. Their prices are great and the quality is better than NY and Co, which is where I used to buy all my clothes. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

    • Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised by the clothes there…I’ve shopped at JCPenney here and there, but the selection was terrible in plus sizes. Now that I fit in misses, it’s a whole new thing!

  7. Girl, you look AMAZING!! I love these new pics of you. So, so proud of you!!!

  8. You look amazing!! I just started my weight loss journey again after having a baby and you are great inspiration.


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