The 30 Day Shred RESULTS

Last month, I mentioned that I would finally take on Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. I don’t know the specifics of her program, but I took the title literally and did her Shred workout for 30 days straight. I was originally going to do 10 days at level 1, 10 days at level 2 and 10 days at level 3. However, some of you recommended that I jump around to make things less monotonous, which is what I went with.

On day 1, I thought I was going to die. Seriously…I used to do jumping jacks like crazy in grade school, but on day 1? Heh….crazy crazy crazy. And push-ups? I did 3. THREE. Jillian is a smart gal though…she mentions in her video that the day 5/6/7 people would probably feel a huge difference in what they were capable of, and boy was she right! Little by little, jumping jacks were no big deal, push-ups weren’t completely miserable and halfway through (on day 15), I even upped my weights in the work-outs from 3 lbs. to 5!

I have to admit, though….my BFF for about 75% of the work-out moves was this gal.

30 Day Shred post

If you’ve done the Shred, you are probably familiar with Anita (aka the gal who does the modified versions of the moves). I’m sure quite a few of you can do the more difficult versions of the moves, but for me, Anita’s modifications were more than enough of a challenge. :-)

I’m so glad that I can finally check this off of the 101 goals in 1001 days list, and even more happy news…check out these results!

30 Day Shred post

Pretty cool, right? That’s 10.5 inches lost in 30 days, which is SO encouraging to see! :-) While I didn’t take any official before/after pictures (oops), I’m glad that I at least remembered to take my measurements!

I decided to give myself a little reward for finishing the Shred. :-) I don’t like to spend too much money on make-up, but this was a treat to myself (and heck, my birthday just passed, so why not?)

30 Day Shred post

The box on the left is a bunch of samples as this year’s Sephora beauty reward. On the right is this blush (in Dollface), which I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Also, more happy weight loss moments from this past weekend.

My mom and grandma purchased some clothes for me for my birthday (which is so sweet, because I’m really really trying to avoid spending $$ on clothes right now), and most of them were too big when I tried them on Saturday. It felt weird to go to JCPenney’s and Macy’s to return everything, just to tell the associates at the store that these 1x clothes are TOO BIG. Crazy…

Since I was already at the mall, I went to the Gap for the first time ever (for myself, that is…I’d go in to buy gifts on occasion). They were having a $10 sale on their essential tees, and since most of the tees in my closet are too large, I thought I’d use up a mall gift card that I received on these. The shirts below are an XL.

30 Day Shred post

The jeans I’m wearing are these. They are a bit too big right now, but the jeans that I received from my sister are a 16, which are kind of tight. I can wear them, but um, tight clothes don’t look very good on me. You’re welcome, universe. Hopefully I’ll be in those jeans fairly soon, though!

Now that the Shred is over, I’m getting back into running again. My running slacked a bit the past month, because I found if I ran, my legs would be shot for a Shred workout. My next 5K is coming up in less than a month, so I’m stoked to get back into it! :-)

Have any of you done all 30 days of the Shred? How were your results?


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