Monday Weigh-In: Week 67

I haven’t been on top of my weigh-ins. (Oops) I started a new idea on here, and I’m sure to y’all it seems like I just sort of forgot about it.

To give you the quick version, I had a plateau, and those are just really hard to write about. Thankfully, I’m over it, and I’m back!

Week 62’s Weight: 230.4

::enter plateau::

Week 65’s Weight: 229.6
Week 66’s Weight: 228.2
Today’s Weight: 225.0

Weight Lost: 5.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 73.5 lbs.

Some thoughts about the past week:

  • I wore a size 16 dress to a bridal shower this past weekend. I’m pretty sure the last time I wore a size 16 dress was my homecoming dance freshman year of high school.


  • Running 3-4 miles each time is becoming my new normal. WEIRD!


  • I’m starting to think of the possibility of fitting in size 10 clothing, which is my GOAL SIZE. I’m only 3 sizes away from it. It’s thrilling and weird at the same time.


  • I’m 1.5 lbs. away from my 75 lb. mini goal. 75 lbs. just blows my mind. Hopefully I’ll be there next week…I need some new workout clothes! (see weight loss rewards)

Any victories or vents to share from this past week?





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