A Bunch of Randoms

TGIF! I can’t believe it’s Friday…this week sort of flew by!

  • Since the DietBet ended, I’ve been splurging just a tad too much lately. Oops. I just had one of those weeks where I just had craving after craving after craving. Don’t you just hate that? I notice if I go back to eating junk food, all I crave is, well…more junk food. It’s taken a lot to get back on track, but here I am. I guess I just needed a little break. :-


  • When we moved into this house a couple of years ago, the garden was really nothing but a bunch of irises, amaryllises and a huge crape myrtle right dab in front of the window of our house. I ended up digging up all the bulbs, and moving them to different parts of the garden in clusters to make room for shrubs and annuals. H ended up cutting down and digging up the crape myrtle too. This was about a year or so ago, and as of this week, they finally bloomed. OMG…they’re gorgeous! I have an amaryllis about to bloom as well. :-) Love all of the color in the garden right now, and just how nice it looks in general since we gave it an overhaul last Fall. :-)


  • Last week was Sherwin Williams’ big 40% off sale. We’ve been wanting to paint a few rooms in the house, and so we bought a couple of gallons to do that. The chips that are pulled are for our kitchen and guest bathroom (whatever we use in our guest will eventually be painted in the master as well…we’re just doing this a little at a time). :-) I know the kitchen color may look a TAD drastic…I promise it really brightens the room. I can’t wait to take some pictures to show y’all how it looks now!


  • I’ve had my eye on this particular shirt for quite some time, telling myself that I’d only buy it if I fit in the female cut of this shirt. This shirt just screams New Orleans to me…Winter = Mardi Gras ladder, Spring = crawfish season, Summer = snoball season and Fall = FOOTBALL! They had a flash sale on this particular shirt earlier this week (50% off OMG), and I had to scoop it up! However, when trying it on last night, I didn’t realize how small American Apparel shirts run. I think the shirt will look a lot better on me in about 10-20 lbs. It’s a bit snug. :( Oh well…motivation, right?


  • I can’t believe we’re almost in May now. February seemed to drag, and March/April have just flown by! I am super excited about May though, because Food Blog Forum is in 3 short weeks! I can’t wait to meet a bunch of food bloggers that I’ve been following for years, and get my hands on a Dole Whip! (What? Priorities, people!) May also is our anniversary month…can’t believe we’re approaching our 4th year anniversary. Crazy how time flies!


  1. Lindsey d. says:

    I have the same issue with American Apparel. :(
    I’ve also generally decided I prefer a men’s large or medium to women’s fit shirt. I like the longer sleeves and trunk lengths (at 6′, I need to length).

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