Monday Weigh-In: Week 69

It’s always a bummer to write news of a gain on here. I know what I’ve been doing wrong ::coughsplurgescough::, and I’ve been slacking in my weight training. One of the things I realize in moments like this is that I’m only human. I will make mistakes along this journey, and this is where I learn those harsh lessons. Going back to my old ways certainly shows up on the scale…

Week 67′s Weight: 225.0
Today’s Weight: 227.8

Weight Lost: +2.8 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 70.7 lbs.

I’m not beating myself up too much, though. I know what I need to do to get back on track, and I can’t wait to see those numbers go back down again. :-)

Some thoughts about the past week:

  • I’m still so thrilled that I was able to run a 5K non-stop. It just feels so unreal. It makes the half marathon that I signed up for seem absolutely doable. Last year, I was struggling with Couch to 5K, and now I run 2-3 miles for a work-out like it’s no big deal. :-) Ch-ch-changes!


  • While I gained weight, I’m going to focus on what I’ve done so far. I find myself being negative about 70 lbs., thinking that it’s really not THAT much weight lost (yeah, I’m weird). However, my husband bought a bike machine for our house and when he told me it weighed 80 lbs, I thought that was ridiculous. Then he said something about how he used to carry that every day (well that + another 35 lbs….he’s lost 115 lbs. y’all). What did I used to carry every day? After doing some googling, 70 lbs. = 14 bags of flour or 7 sacks of potatoes or 8 gallons of water or 2 bags of cypress mulch. It is unbelievable that I carried that extra weight around every day. So, while I gained 2.8 lbs. (whatever), I’m excited about the progress I’ve made so far.


  • 70.7 lbs. down. 50-ish more to go. Oh…and 227.8 lbs. means only 27.9 lbs. until ONEDERLAND! Wowza. :-)





  1. YES! Big picture thinking. I love it. You’re doing great! :)

  2. You’re such an inspiration! Look at how far you’ve come! It seems like everywhere I look everyone is trying to convince me about fad diets and veganism and paleo and the Mediterranean diet and I’m all “but I like cheese! and toast!” It’s so encouraging to see someone getting awesome results with good old fashioned calorie watching and exercise. You rock!

  3. I am totally rooting for you! :) I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me? I fell off the exercise wagon a bit and am starting to get back to it. I think you mentioned before you’ve done the 30 day shred? Did you do it consecutively for 30 days? Did you do it as a rest day activity or on the same days you did the Couch to 5k program? Were you doing other exercises before using 30 day shred and/or the C25K? I really want to be healthy and am struggling, so I was hoping you or your readers could help me out. My goal is to move every day, at least a little, so I’m trying to find programs where I will be challenged. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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