A Bunch of Randoms

  • If you stepped outside in Louisiana today, you’d have no idea it was May. February? Sure. March? A stretch…..but May? It’s chilly outside…my poor flowers are crying for consistency, Mother Nature. Hot and humid consistency!


  • I love Diet Coke. I know it’s full of chemicals that eat away at metal or something, but I love it. I need one every morning. Preferably fountain. Judge away, but this is just how I feel!


  • You know you like to bake when butter goes on sale, and you feel the need to buy 5 or more boxes at a time when that happens. I also like to confuse the cashier with said butter purchases. 6 boxes of butter, a bunch of cilantro, four limes and a box of eggs were in my cart. I don’t know about you, but when I used to be a cashier in high school, I had fun figuring out what people were cooking up based on their grocery cart. Beer, potatoes, lemons, onions, and frozen corn on the cob = seafood boil. 10 packs of hot dogs, 10 lbs.of ground beef, buns, chips and soda = cook out. I’m sure butter, cilantro, limes and eggs were a real head-scratcher, if my cashier that day was anything like me. 😛


  • I’m gonna brag on my sister today. She’s a music performance major, and every time I go to her performances, I’m blown away by her improvement. On the way to see said performance on Thursday, I had Phantom of the Opera blasting in my car (in stand-still traffic), and I was seriously jamming (rather off-key) to it. Yeah, I jam to musicals..so what? Didn’t realize guy in the car in the next lane was listening in on my off-key antics and giving me major side-eye. Oh well…enjoy? I so don’t have the vocal talent in my family (my two sisters both sing beautifully). Embedding the video below…you have to fast forward to 23:45 on it, if you’re interested. :-)

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  • Have any of y’all been keeping up with the 52 Week Savings Plan? I’ve been doing it religiously every week, being sure to pay myself in a little savings account using my personal $ (what my husband and I call fun money). I know a lot of people say it’s a terrible idea, but it’s not my husband and I’s way of saving $$, I promise..it’s more a personal savings account for me to splurge when I hit my weight loss goal. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch leftover after that, but knowing that I could potentially have $1300 saved up for a new closet is pretty fantastic, don’t you think?


  • Need some weight loss motivation? I love reading Runs for Cookies blog, especially since she started her Motivational Monday posts. This is where readers post about their weight loss victories and she shares them. I look forward to it every week! I just love reading about people who are going through the same things I am on their weight loss journeys. It’s so relatable, and helps me step away from the junk food cravings.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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