Another baby quilt

One of the main reasons I don’t think that I could ever craft for an income is that my desire to make things comes in random spurts. One month, I’m all gung-ho about it, constantly thinking “MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS!!” Then, the next…eh.

I will admit that the itch to craft always hits around the holidays. ALWAYS. I must make cute Christmas-y things and gifts! Afterwards, I’m so pooped from the holidays in general, my craft room becomes a lonely place for a while. Then, the weather warms up, and I put the yarn away. I’m in no mood to knit when it warms up. I tend to grab for the fabrics this time of the year, and it’s perfect timing, since our neighbors just had a baby boy!

I’m not a very good quilter. I’m in awe of quilting blogs, because I just don’t have the skills to make elaborate quilts. I tend to stick to simpler patterns. Lately, strip quilts are where it’s at. 😛

I ended up going through my fabric stash, and found myself going super bold for this quilt. Most of my fabrics feature simple shapes, so I knew I had to buy some fabric to be the feature theme for the quilt. Without asking my neighbors for a theme, I took a stab in the dark, matched up most of the fabric colors I had in mind for this quilt, and bought 2D Zoo (in chocolate). SO SO cute!

Another baby quilt

It took me a good week to finish this quilt, since I prefer machine binding over hand binding, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I placed strips of 2D Zoo throughout the front with the other fabrics, and made the back completely 2D Zoo.

Another baby quilt

Another baby quilt

I didn’t even know it, but the baby’s nursery is a jungle/safari theme anyway, so it worked out perfectly!! :-)

It was good to dust off the machine and sew again. I don’t really do it often enough, and I know I should.

I’m sure I’ll be fairly crafty in the near future, since I know about 3 more babies coming into the world soon. It’s a nice little baby boom, that’s for sure.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt!!! If you ever find pug fabric then you’re going to have to make me one! LOL! What a beautiful gift you are giving that sweet baby!

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