Monday Weigh-In: Week 78

Heh. Holiday weeks. When will I ever learn?

I find that when I don’t work, I have terrible munchies. At work, I’m on a good schedule. Breakfast 8am….snack 10am…lunch noon….afternoon snack #1…2pm…afternoon snack #2 (pre-workout) 5pm…dinner 8pm. It’s fairly easy to follow, because I keep busy at work, and really am able to listen to my body’s hunger signals. However, at home..I just want to eat. Ugh. After a 4 day weekend, here comes the ugly, honest truth (which I’m sure a good bit of it is bloat from how I ate the past two days, especially).

Week 77: 226.2
Week 78: 230.4

Weight Lost: +4.2 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 68.1 lbs.

Yeah. What a mess. All I can say is that I’m gonna do better this week. I’m optimistic that a good bit of this is bloat, because there’s NO way I went over my calories 3500 * 4.

One day I’m gonna get better at this whole holiday thing. Time to kick this week’s booty. :-)


  1. Ugh, I did the same thing this weekend. It was indulgent to the max. I couldn’t even get on the scale because I know it’s going to be ugly. I figure I’ll give my body a few days to recover first :)

  2. It happens! What’s important is focusing on the 68 and keeping that number and your goal in mind! People who don’t have bad weeks boggle my mind :)

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