Finding some motivation…

You may have noticed that there was no Monday weigh-in this week. You see, my best friend’s wedding was this past weekend, and well, I learned quite a few things.

  1. An open bar is not as fun as it used to be. I assumed I could drink like I drank at my before weight, which was stupid. Even stupider for not drinking water between drinks. Lesson learned: early the next morning, I had two charlie horses. OMG THOSE ARE PAINFUL. I couldn’t even tell my husband what was wrong when I woke him up with my legs probably kicking the something out of his. :( Sorry, hun. I read on Dr. Google that dehydration can cause these…yup, this is why I don’t usually drink. Back to water…
  2. New Orleans BBQ shrimp makes you bloat like crazy, but it’s oh, so good!
  3. I also learned that you will gain ::gulp:: 7 lbs. from said mistakes. I actually lost 4 of those 7 already in two days, so I know it’s not true gain. Thus, why I decided not to write a weigh-in post.

It’s been quite a few months of back and forth with my weight. I was SO close to 75 lbs. lost, and well, yeah…you all know what happened. It’s kind of frustrating, to tell you the truth. While my wallet appreciates me staying in the same size for months, I really miss that loose clothes feeling.

My husband and I are both on a journey to Onederland (he’s closer to it than I am, right now), and we told ourselves whoever reaches that weight first, gets a reward date of their choice.. Me? A cooking class date. Him? A jet-ski date. :-)

I decided to up the motivation a little bit last week. My husband and I have an upcoming vacation this winter, and so, I bought a new swimsuit in the size I’d like to be by then (a size large…12/14). It’s two-three sizes down from my current size, so I’m sure it’s doable. :-) Holding the suit up to my current self is so crazy. Look at how SMALL that suit is!


I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen that size since middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Anyway, I’m hoping this pushes me to get rid of some of the weight again. I can’t wait to have loose clothes again. :-)

What have you done to motivate yourself lately?



  1. I haaate bloat gain. At least you recognize what you can and can’t do now! You’re my motivation…seriously impressed with how far you’ve come! Keep at it!

  2. Ugh paying for it after an event always stinks. But I love your motivation! And that SUIT! I NEED ITTTTTTT. What a great way to try to keep you on track!

  3. What a cute suit! Great motivation technique.

  4. Jessica says:

    What is the brand of suit? It’s so cute!

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