A Bunch of Randoms

Another week bites the dust! I’m excited about this weekend, because IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!


1. Weight loss is so crazy. My body is changing before my eyes, and I find that I’m getting so much stronger with every work-out. I just finished Week 2 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer, and it’s amazing to see baby muscles. I’m seriously addicted to taking “gun show” pictures, like the one above. Can we talk about how much some of the moves suck? Narrow push-ups and preacher curls, especially. OMG, the burn!

2. Another funny with weight loss. I hope this isn’t too personal. I’ve been switching out clothes like crazy the past 70ish lbs. However, one thing that I realized is that I have yet to get a smaller size of are my sports bras. Oops. WORLD of a difference… the smaller size definitely supports me better. Ladies: Target has their C9 bras for $12/pair until Saturday (regularly $16.99). I stocked up. I should be good for another 70 lbs. (haha….just kidding).


3. I’m looking to purchase a larger camera bag, since I really only use mine when traveling and I’d like more room for a computer or iPad. So, I’m selling this one, since it’s kind of crazy for me to have two camera bags (as a hobbyist). This is a Kelly Moore Posey bag (first edition) in muted teal…purchased in 2011. I’ve only used it a handful of times, but it’s still in very good condition (there’s a couple of spots that are slightly worn in the faux leather but other than that, great condition). I’m hoping to sell it for $90 (paid $159), but I’m willing to take a reasonable offer too. Email me at niftyfoodie at gmail.com if you’re interested. :-)

4. Goodness. I need Kate Spade to stop having major online sales. Every single time there is one, I see a bag (or 2) that I want, and I have to tell myself no. Not until Onederland. 30ish lbs. to go! :-

5. Yes, indeed.


  1. I haven’t tried Target for sports bras before! I gotta check it out! Great job an amazing progress lady :)

  2. I’m totally addicted to gun show shots, too! I love seeing muscle gains!! You look amazing, btw!!!

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