A bunch of randoms

It feels good to get back into blogging again. While things have been going a bit crazy around the house, we still try to find some normal moments to feel a little more at home.

Randoms 27

1. I’ve been knitting like crazy lately. It’s not cold yet, but all I want to do is knit. It’s so comforting and fun to be starting on holiday gifts this early. Here’s two (tiny) hats that I threw together in the past week. I used the duplicate stitch to add in their names right after to make them a little more personal. :-) Also, how fun is it to knit baby things in pastel college colors? I love it.

Randoms 27

2. Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, we’re well prepared for the fall. We have candles like crazy in the house…hope it’s enough to last us the whole season. :-)

Randoms 27

3. It was National Dog Day this week. I told Millie to SMILE PRETTY for a National Dog Day picture, and this is the face I got. She was definitely in a leave me alone mood.

4. Big Bang Theory Fans…I give you the best BuzzFeed of the week! I can’t stop laughing at these…I love that show! So glad my husband introduced me to it.

Randoms 27

5. Dear Target, why are you selling this? In Louisiana….10 minutes away from LSU. There’s a reason this is on massive clearance..it’ll only sell as a gag gift.



  1. I LOVE Big Bang Theory!!!!! So glad you linked that! And obsessed with the cute little baby hats! It makes me wish I could be crafty! I’m so impressed!

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