Monday Weigh-In: Week 87

I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve written some posts about finding my motivation again, and since the stress/bad news keeps piling on, calorie counting stopped being a priority. I barely would log on MyFitnessPal, and just didn’t have that drive anymore. I can’t tell you the last time I ran or went to the gym to lift weights. Big step backwards.

I decided that I needed to really get back in control of things, and maybe some in-person motivation might help. After seeing a commercial that Weight Watchers is offering a free month right now, I thought that maybe I should go back to it. I gave it a chance a while back, and I couldn’t really find my stride with it for some reason. I’d always just go straight back to MyFitnessPal.

However, I feel like I can handle this. It’s worked for so many people before….maybe it could work for me? Now, I know that I’ve said that I can lose the weight simply eating less and moving more. No plan needed…you don’t have to pay anyone a dime to do this! However, after doing this for almost two years, I’m in a funk. I know calorie counting would work, but I’m sort of bored with it. I need something new. I’m giving this a couple of months, and if I don’t see a change, I’ll go right back to the tried and true calorie counting. :-)

So, the weigh-in. It was ugly, and I knew it would be. Heck, my jeans have been super tight for the past few weeks, and I have no fat jeans to fall back on since I donated them all (with the exception of my size 26 before jeans).

Weigh in

I’m up a good bit. However, I’m still halfway to my goal. I just have 65 lbs. to go until I’m in the healthy weight range with Weight Watchers….60 more is my personal goal, but I’ve never seen myself at that weight, so I could have more to lose after that. I’m feeling good…it’s quite a change from calories, and the points values have changed since I last did this. However, I feel like I can handle this. I can do this.

First goal…5%. And hey, maybe this time I’ll FINALLY get that 10% key chain. Let’s do this!


  1. I hear you sista! For two years I’ve dabbled in and being sort of diligent with my eating. But its not enough and I pants are so tight I better not drop anything because I can’t pick it up. The office is starting WW in 2 weeks and I’m in because nothing else is working and I have to fit into ski pants come winter.

  2. You can totally do this! You have inspired me so much on my journey.

  3. You go girl! (That sounds cliche I know) But I think you are amazing and you aren’t giving up, which is so easy to do. I’m hoping that this helps you reach your goal. Thanks for sharing your journey and helping me make better choices one day at a time!

  4. I’m glad you’re not giving up, but working harder at finding something during this bump in the road. Four years ago, WW worked great for me to lose weight for the wedding. I’m thinking about getting on it again when we move to Georgia and life settles down a bit.

    • I really don’t want to end up where I was…I’m just glad I stopped gaining after 10 lbs. It could have been way worse!

  5. Weight watchers is an AMAZING program! Good for you for jumping on board. Sometimes it’s just a change like this that you need to jump start your weight loss! You are so inspiring and I KNOW you can do this!!!!!

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