Quitting Weight Watchers

I quit Weight Watchers.

I know…that was quick, eh? It just wasn’t for me, and I’m gonna explain why.

Weight Watchers didn’t feel normal to me. Given that I was calorie counting for well over a year, I thought a change would do me some good. It was the exact opposite. I had to relearn what foods were Points wise vs. calories wise. Sure, a new diet is an adjustment, but I guess I didn’t think it’d be that bad.

I also realized the system treated foods much differently than calorie counting. Some foods were 0 points, which to me, made NO sense since they had calories. How is it zero points? I also compared my Weight Watchers journal to MyFitnessPal ever so often (I have trust issues) to see if the calorie values for the points I consumed were about the same for what MyFitnessPal recommended. Every time, I was consuming more calories with Weight Watchers. No wonder why my weight loss wasn’t going as well!

I’ll admit, I gained some weight (again) once I quit. I just couldn’t get motivated by Weight Watchers, knowing that I was eating more than I should be. I also just couldn’t get motivated by my leader….I know they say just switch, but um, our center had one leader (for the meetings I could attend).

So, before the holidays, I decided that I REALLY need to get back to it, and I’m falling back on an old friend: Diet Bet. I’m embarrassed by the fact that I was 225 (almost 75 lbs. down) back in APRIL…and I’ve gained some weight since then. I guess it’s the nature of being human (nobody’s perfect, and this is, after all, a journey), but I’m still disappointed in myself.

I think it’s best to just get back into losing the weight before the holidays hit, because for me, once it becomes a routine for me again, I go into LOSE ALL THE POUNDS mode and do fairly well (at least in past experience, it’s gone this way). I especially need a routine again, since half marathon training starts next week (OMG Y’ALL)!

So, here I am…back to calorie counting! I’m “niftyfoodie” on MyFitnessPal, if you’d like to follow along! :-)

Are any of y’all trying to get back on track before the holidays? What plan are you following?


  1. I used WW when I was trying to lose weight about 5 years ago. I had good results at the time, and mostly liked it because going to meetings kept me accountable. I gained some of the weight back and started trying to lose it again earlier this year, and this time used myfitnesspal. I thought it was just as effective (if not more so), and free too – so gotta love that! I think they’re both good options, just depends on your needs :)

    Good luck getting back on track!

  2. I’m a big proponent of “if it feels wrong, don’t do it” especially when it comes to weight loss. I did WW for about three months and couldn’t get into it. I lost 10 pounds, sure – but I became so hyper focused on food that it was almost counterproductive – because I had points that I was wasting on bad food just to use the points. I love MFP, and need to get back to using it, too – that was what got me down 13 pre-wedding. And I need to get that 13 down again!

  3. I think the best plan for you is whatever works for you. Good for you to figure it out now! You can do it!

    Here is my question for you? How do you bake all of those amazing goodies? I can’t just stop at one. I have no self-control when it comes to that.

  4. I’m trying to get back on track. But it’s that horrible dilemma. I love cooking and baking and I love to eat. Wah! I’ve been trying to stick with salads for lunch and drink the recommended water.
    I agree I need to do what’s right before the holidays roll around and it’s twice as tempting!

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