Weekly Weigh-In

This week was the first full week that I was back on track. I’m admitting my weight for the first time since September, so yeah..it’s ugly. I needed to be completely honest with y’all about my weight. :-\ While I’m deeply ashamed of how much weight I’ve gained back since last April, it’s really really great to be back! I feel in control of things again, and while my loss wasn’t huge this week, I’m still proud of myself!

Starting Weight

Before: 298.5
Last Week: 260.4
This Week: 258.6

Weight Lost: 1.8 lbs.
Total Loss: 39.9 lbs.

Now, I know I probably should have lost a lot more considering it was week 1. However, I’m back into strength training, and the last time I started my strength training, I definitely didn’t lose much at first. I know I’m gaining muscle, because I was ridiculously sore last week. Like…couldn’t brush my hair, cough, laugh, take the stairs, etc. I know changes are happening, and I’m OK with the results being slow. :-)

For now, I’m aiming for a 1-2 lb./week loss. If I keep on keeping on, I could potentially meet my goal weight by the end of the year. I’m super excited!

I made some new rewards for myself, since I bought myself or got gifted a few things on the rewards list already (oops…). The big rewards will happen once I hit 100 lbs. (hello designer purse)!

~ 50 lbs. (Pedicure)
~ 60 lbs. or 20% (Flowers for me)
~ 70 lbs. (New pair of jeans)
~ 80 lbs. (Mini make-up spree)
~ 90 lbs. (New bottle of perfume)
~ 100 lbs. or ONEDERLAND!! (New designer purse)
~ 110 lbs. (Some fun, sassy heels!)
~ 120 lbs. or GOAL (New pair of designer jeans)

I can’t tell y’all how excited I am about a pedicure! I definitely need one after half marathon/half marathon training, and after my 10K race this coming weekend! :-)

How are your weight loss/health goals going so far this year?


  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have ups and downs. I actually like reading your blog, because you seem so REAL. Everyone cheats. Everyone has a bad week (or month). But you keep on trying! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much! It’s definitely a struggle to get back to it, but I stare at pictures from last April and get re-motivated. It’s great to be “back”. :-)

  2. Rachel (your seester) says:

    I think my favorite one is the mini make-up spree heehee but the designer jeans sounds great too! I’m cheering you on!!

  3. HI Amy! Thank you so much fro entering the New Suave Professionals (R) Moroccan Lotion $1,000 gift card sweepstakes on my blog! Good luck!

    I like your idea of rewarding yourself as your weight falls off.. I need some motivation so I think I will do the same! I am walking two miles a day–uphill, so it’s hard–but I know by summer i’ll be able to increase that to 3 miles at an even faster pace, which is what I walked when I lived in NYC. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow, I’m so impressed with how far you’ve already come! Love this idea of building rewards into your goals. You’ll be getting that pedicure in no time!

  5. Woohoo! I love that feeling of being back on track after a lapse. And weight training is great because the soreness for days keeps reminding you that YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    A while back you had mentioned that you were doing Jamie Eason’s workout program. I looked into it and liked it but I had to get creative with it because the gym I have access to doesn’t have very many machines, and I slowly stopped doing it. Are you following a program this time around or making your own workouts?

    • The sore feeling is the best! I mean, I can’t lift my arms without pain, but it’s a good reminder that I’m working hard to see results and I shouldn’t blow it!

      I’m actually following Jamie Eason’s program this time around as well (just the workouts…still calorie counting). There’s only 2 workouts that I haven’t been able to do, due to gym crowds or not finding the machine I need.

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