Goal Setting

Weight loss this time around has been a lot tougher. I don’t know where my motivation went, but I’m having so much trouble getting back in the swing of things this year. I look back at my 70 lbs. lost pictures, and I can’t believe I thought I was FAT in those. I was on top of the world last April. Like Jack on Titanic hands in the air…ON.TOP.OF.THE.WORLD.


Picture collage made by Fit For a Bride

Now, I feel like I’m fighting for every pound. Every single last pound. It’s hard…crazy hard, and that’s why I haven’t been writing much about it. I’m sort of ashamed, and I feel like I’m letting myself down every single day.

I also feel a small tinge of guilt on this blog. I feel like the weight gain lately is sort of letting you guys down. Every single one of you who wrote emails, comments, tweets…the encouragement was/is amazing, and I’m only 40 lbs. down now. It’s a bummer.


Also, the 30 Day Shred thing? Sadly, today is day 1, instead of day 16.

However, it’s time for positive thinking…at least I’m on day 1, right? It’s something. And more positively, at least I’m catching myself 30 lbs. up, instead of gaining back all 70 lbs. That would have been a really tough pill for me to swallow.

So, here I am. It’s taking me a lot longer to get back to where I was, but I’m going to slowly chip away at it.

I decided to redo my rewards. I pretty much LOVED my rewards and looked forward to them like crazy. Since I took some steps back, I’m redoing them. Fresh start.

Weight Loss Rewards

So, here we go again. I have to admit that my first reward is already purchased. I bought this palette when it was on crazy sale at HSN, but when I got it, I thought that it would be fun to break this open when I saw a new weight decade for the first time in months. :-)

How is everyone else’s weight loss journeys going? Are any of y’all also facing the fact that this is, indeed, a journey?


  1. Hi Amy,
    I’ve totally been there…it’s very tough. But please don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s gonna be times when you feel strong and some not, and some days when you don’t care. But as long as you keep moving forward, you’ll get there.

    And as for disappointing people, don’t worry about that.

    In the meantime hang in there!!


  2. Amy,

    There is nothing to feel guilty about. You are amazing! You are a huge inspiration to me. You’ve helped me realize that sometimes life gets hectic and weight gain happens. That it isn’t bad or good, it just is. But with hard work and dedication it can be lost again. Good luck with your workouts and have fun with your rewards! You rock! :)

    • Thank you so much! And yes, this is definitely a journey…I’m starting to recognize that there are ups and downs. It’s so ridiculously hard, but we can do it! Best of luck to you, too!

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