Training Tuesdays: Week 3

Well, I’m 1/4 of the way done with training. Completely nuts. During my runs, I’m always thinking about race day. Will the adrenaline kick in and help me run a bit faster? Will I be able to actually do 13.1 miles? I keep questioning myself on my decision to train for this, when I’m not even close to being done with my weight loss journey. If I were 60 lbs. lighter, I imagine this would be a whole lot easier.

I’m also facing this killer plateau. I’ll admit, I’m not 100% on calorie counting, but seriously…I’m running 12 miles/week. Shouldn’t I be losing SOMETHING? I’ve read a few things about muscles building the first few weeks of training, so I’m hoping that’s it. I also hope the terrible urge to eat everything goes away soon. I’m ALWAYS hungry! My usual meals aren’t filling me up, and I’m craving chocolate….all.the.time!

This week was hard. 3.5 miles as my short run? That’s more than any race I’ve ever done! And don’t even get me started on 5 miles. Goodness. I ran 5 miles on Sunday. I also noticed that my pace was pretty terrible this week, which is so discouraging. I’m trying to not let it get me down, because I know I’m challenging my body in crazy ways right now with this training. I’m also 240 lbs. I know it’s not supposed to be easy to carry that for 5 miles.


I was actually pretty proud of this run. I stayed under 16 min/mile pace, and there was a cold front going through that evening. Talk about windy!


This was the hardest run for me to face, to date. My legs were heavy, and I just couldn’t get my mind off of the running. Usually, I can start letting my mind wander and think about other things in life, but oh man…every stride was just annoying. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. It made me realize that a run is a run. :-) Doesn’t matter the pace (except for race day lol).


5….flipping….miles. I was so shocked by this one! I think I could have gone faster, but can I tell you…Louisiana sucks right now. Tuesday’s run was in the 50s (and dropping towards the 30s)…Sunday’s run was 75 and so humid. I had to peel clothes off of me…so.dang.sweaty. Sorry if that’s TMI…just keeping it real.

All in all…I survived. I did the miles, and I’m so glad that I didn’t quit (even on that Thursday run). :-) I’m going to TRY not to beat myself up anymore when a run gets bad….as long as I finish, I should be proud of myself. Heck….three years ago, I couldn’t even run for a minute straight!

Training Tuesdays: Week 2

I can’t believe that week 3 of training starts today. This race is going to be here before I know it, eh?

I’m so happy to say that I’m staying at a pace where I won’t end up swept on the bus. I have to admit, while I’d love to be fast, all I want to do is finish the race. Finishing the race means keeping a pace faster than 16:00 minutes/mile, so I can’t crawl there. Currently, I’m teetering between 15:30 and 15:45 minutes/mile. While I’m slow, I have to admit that I’m proud of myself. I’ve run a total of 20 miles in the past two weeks. That’s crazy…

Also, I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 10 this past week! I used it for Sunday’s run, and I love that it alerts me when to run/walk. I hate looking down at my phone to see pace/time, because the less I have to think about those things, the better off I am. I was afraid the watch would aggravate me during my run, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I think this is a keeper.

As for run/walks, I’m consistently running 10 minutes and walking one minute the whole time. This timing is working perfectly for me, and really helps me to break up the run mentally (since I know my pace).



Tuesday, I had a pace of 15:37 minutes/mile. To me, that’s a successful run. :-)


Thursday, I was a tad slower with a pace of 15:39 min/mile.



Sunday was a tough run. My legs were heavy the whole time, and while the temps weren’t so bad, the sun was beating down on me. 15:44 min/mile (still won’t get swept, so boo yah!).

In speaking with a good blogger friend who has been down this road before, I was reminded that I need to start thinking about hydrating myself and fueling myself during long runs. Am I at that point already? Wow..this Sunday will be 5 miles, which is nuts. What’s your favorite way to fuel during your runs? I think I’m going to just have to buy a variety of things at the running store near me, but I’d love suggestions.

Training Tuesdays: Week 1

I’m starting a new weekly post on my blog, called Training Tuesdays. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently training for my first half marathon! This blog series is just to share how I’m feeling from week to week. I’m using Hal Higdon’s program, but with walking breaks added (so far).

My experiences as a runner are fairly new. A year and a half ago, I strapped on some cheap tennis shoes and did the Couch to 5K program. :-) I had my doubts…I didn’t even consider myself a runner for a long time. After a few 5Ks, the only logical/crazy thing (mostly crazy, at this point) was to sign up for a half marathon. 13.1 miles. 10 more miles than my normal races.

Sure, it’s a bit crazy, but I figured (at the time of registration) that I’d probably be at goal weight by then, and what a great ending a half would have been to the weight loss journey! However, of course you all probably know that after hitting 70 lbs. lost, I gained some weight. As of yesterday, I was 58 lbs. down. I’m hoping I can get down to 223 by the time this race comes, which would be 75 lbs. It’s not 120, but it’s still 75 lbs. :-)

Last week was week 1 of training. Tuesday and Friday (darn Thursday rain) were 3 miles and Sunday was 4 miles.

I will fully admit that there were walking breaks in there.


Tuesday, I had 1 walking break, and my pace was a slow 16:14 minutes/mile.


Friday, I had 2 walking breaks, and my pace was 16:03 minutes/mile.


Sunday, I had 5 walking breaks, and my pace was 15:53 minutes/mile (and I had to do an extra mile)!

So, it seems like I’m going to definitely embrace the walking breaks. Every walking break has been a minute, and after that minute, my body feels so much more refreshed! It’s amazing what those walk breaks can do. :-)

Also, a question for you runners out there. I have been experiencing a some muscle soreness in my hips and lower back that starts a few hours after every run. What can I do to prevent/treat the pain? I don’t feel anything while I’m running…this all happens after. Yoga and foam rolling have been recommended so far…I’m completely clueless, so I’d love some tips!

Quitting Weight Watchers

I quit Weight Watchers.

I know…that was quick, eh? It just wasn’t for me, and I’m gonna explain why.

Weight Watchers didn’t feel normal to me. Given that I was calorie counting for well over a year, I thought a change would do me some good. It was the exact opposite. I had to relearn what foods were Points wise vs. calories wise. Sure, a new diet is an adjustment, but I guess I didn’t think it’d be that bad.

I also realized the system treated foods much differently than calorie counting. Some foods were 0 points, which to me, made NO sense since they had calories. How is it zero points? I also compared my Weight Watchers journal to MyFitnessPal ever so often (I have trust issues) to see if the calorie values for the points I consumed were about the same for what MyFitnessPal recommended. Every time, I was consuming more calories with Weight Watchers. No wonder why my weight loss wasn’t going as well!

I’ll admit, I gained some weight (again) once I quit. I just couldn’t get motivated by Weight Watchers, knowing that I was eating more than I should be. I also just couldn’t get motivated by my leader….I know they say just switch, but um, our center had one leader (for the meetings I could attend).

So, before the holidays, I decided that I REALLY need to get back to it, and I’m falling back on an old friend: Diet Bet. I’m embarrassed by the fact that I was 225 (almost 75 lbs. down) back in APRIL…and I’ve gained some weight since then. I guess it’s the nature of being human (nobody’s perfect, and this is, after all, a journey), but I’m still disappointed in myself.

I think it’s best to just get back into losing the weight before the holidays hit, because for me, once it becomes a routine for me again, I go into LOSE ALL THE POUNDS mode and do fairly well (at least in past experience, it’s gone this way). I especially need a routine again, since half marathon training starts next week (OMG Y’ALL)!

So, here I am…back to calorie counting! I’m “niftyfoodie” on MyFitnessPal, if you’d like to follow along! :-)

Are any of y’all trying to get back on track before the holidays? What plan are you following?

Monday Weigh-In: Week 90

This week was pretty awesome. I got back into running, did a ton of fall yardwork (hello pretty flowers) and was pretty much on plan all week.

The scale was definitely my friend. :-)


Week 89: 238.4
Week 90: 235.2

Weight Lost: 3.2 lbs. 
Total Weight Lost: 63.3 lbs.

I plan on running more this week, and possibly getting back into weight training as well. I’m hoping to see my first 5 lb. star at my next weigh-in…I was SO close this week!

How was everyone else’s week?

Monday Weigh-In: Week 89

It was a bad week. I know exactly what I did (aka splurge like crazy), and the scale showed it. I’m OK with it.

Week 88: 236.8
Week 89: 238.4

Weight Lost: +1.6 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 60.1 lbs.

Honestly, I’m not upset about it. I know exactly what I did, and I’m gonna do better this coming week. I plan on getting back into running this week, since my half training starts in a little over a month. (crazy…OMG…I’m training for a half)

How was everyone else’s week?


Monday Weigh-In: Week 88

This week was my first week on the Weight Watchers program. It’s the first time that I fully stepped away from MyFitnessPal since I’ve been on this journey, and it was a little weird. I wanted to trust fully in the Weight Watchers program without my calorie counting crutch, and I was so happy to see some results!

Monday Weigh in

Week 87: 239.4
Week 88: 236.8

Weight Lost: 2.6 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 61.7 lbs.

The points program wasn’t too hard to follow, and I appreciate that they have extra weekly points that encourages my Saturday splurge day. I really like doing 6 days on program, 1 day off. The great thing about my splurge days is that I’ve tracked the past two Saturdays, and my splurges don’t even come close to using all of the extra weekly points. I will say that I didn’t work out this week, but I’m hoping to get back into running this week!

How did everyone do this week? Any victories to share?

Monday Weigh-In: Week 87

I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve written some posts about finding my motivation again, and since the stress/bad news keeps piling on, calorie counting stopped being a priority. I barely would log on MyFitnessPal, and just didn’t have that drive anymore. I can’t tell you the last time I ran or went to the gym to lift weights. Big step backwards.

I decided that I needed to really get back in control of things, and maybe some in-person motivation might help. After seeing a commercial that Weight Watchers is offering a free month right now, I thought that maybe I should go back to it. I gave it a chance a while back, and I couldn’t really find my stride with it for some reason. I’d always just go straight back to MyFitnessPal.

However, I feel like I can handle this. It’s worked for so many people before….maybe it could work for me? Now, I know that I’ve said that I can lose the weight simply eating less and moving more. No plan needed…you don’t have to pay anyone a dime to do this! However, after doing this for almost two years, I’m in a funk. I know calorie counting would work, but I’m sort of bored with it. I need something new. I’m giving this a couple of months, and if I don’t see a change, I’ll go right back to the tried and true calorie counting. :-)

So, the weigh-in. It was ugly, and I knew it would be. Heck, my jeans have been super tight for the past few weeks, and I have no fat jeans to fall back on since I donated them all (with the exception of my size 26 before jeans).

Weigh in

I’m up a good bit. However, I’m still halfway to my goal. I just have 65 lbs. to go until I’m in the healthy weight range with Weight Watchers….60 more is my personal goal, but I’ve never seen myself at that weight, so I could have more to lose after that. I’m feeling good…it’s quite a change from calories, and the points values have changed since I last did this. However, I feel like I can handle this. I can do this.

First goal…5%. And hey, maybe this time I’ll FINALLY get that 10% key chain. Let’s do this!

Some Structure

I’ve been lifting weights for almost 8 months now. When my husband and I joined the gym near our house for the new year, I was pretty overwhelmed. I had no idea what to do, and was so intimidated by others who did. I just went to a weight machine and lifted what I could.

The next morning, my body was on fire. Everything was sore. I thought I was doing well. :-) So, I kept at it….twice a week, I’d do the machines, almost every machine. I went from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. in a matter of 7 months. I was so proud of myself…my body was changing. In talking to my husband and a few friends, I was told that machine weights aren’t really the best way to go. Sure, it’s a work-out, but if I wanted to see better results, I had to move to free weights.

So, last week, I did it. I moved to free weights.

AKA I went to the “big boy” weight room. Scary, y’all. The people in there are LEGIT, and here I am with my ‘I’m still 300 lbs.’ self esteem.

First thing I did was grab 2-25 lb. dumbbells to do chest flies. I figured since I did 50 lbs. on the machine, 50 lbs. in free weights was my level. HA! I could barely lift the weights to chest level. I went down to 15…I could barely lift them, much less do a full-on chest fly lying down. So, 8 lbs. it was. I went from 50 lbs. to 16 lbs., and still felt like I was working like crazy. That’s an example of one exercise I had to go WAY down in weights for. I know 16 lbs. sounds like nothing, but y’all…the soreness was back. Hurt so good (I’m crazy, I know).

Fast forward to this week. My friend and I decided that we definitely need more structure in our weight lifting routines. Personal trainers are expensive, and if we could find a work-out online (preferably free), all the better. Lo and behold, my friend found this work-out on a bodybuilding website. It’s by a trainer named Jamie Eason, and the program is called Live Fit.

It seems like a great program, and in reading the forums on MyFitnessPal, there are excellent reviews.

There are three phases of the program and in total, the whole program is over in 12 weeks. :-)

The only issue I have with the program is that Phase One contains NO cardio in it. I know I’m supposed to trust in the process, but I can’t give up running for 4 weeks. I think I’m just gonna run 2x/week for a mile or two, just to keep a good baseline going, since my first half is about 6 months away (gulp!).

I also won’t be following the diet plan. I will keep cleaner eating in mind (which I should be doing anyway), but I’m just gonna continue with my calorie counting throughout the program. I may not have optimal results, but I’m sure I’ll see something. I started the program yesterday (took measurements), and I’ll admit, it was weird focusing on one area of the body (triceps/chest). However, I really feel it today. It hurts to stretch!

If you lift weights, do you follow a program?


Finding some motivation…

You may have noticed that there was no Monday weigh-in this week. You see, my best friend’s wedding was this past weekend, and well, I learned quite a few things.

  1. An open bar is not as fun as it used to be. I assumed I could drink like I drank at my before weight, which was stupid. Even stupider for not drinking water between drinks. Lesson learned: early the next morning, I had two charlie horses. OMG THOSE ARE PAINFUL. I couldn’t even tell my husband what was wrong when I woke him up with my legs probably kicking the something out of his. :( Sorry, hun. I read on Dr. Google that dehydration can cause these…yup, this is why I don’t usually drink. Back to water…
  2. New Orleans BBQ shrimp makes you bloat like crazy, but it’s oh, so good!
  3. I also learned that you will gain ::gulp:: 7 lbs. from said mistakes. I actually lost 4 of those 7 already in two days, so I know it’s not true gain. Thus, why I decided not to write a weigh-in post.

It’s been quite a few months of back and forth with my weight. I was SO close to 75 lbs. lost, and well, yeah…you all know what happened. It’s kind of frustrating, to tell you the truth. While my wallet appreciates me staying in the same size for months, I really miss that loose clothes feeling.

My husband and I are both on a journey to Onederland (he’s closer to it than I am, right now), and we told ourselves whoever reaches that weight first, gets a reward date of their choice.. Me? A cooking class date. Him? A jet-ski date. :-)

I decided to up the motivation a little bit last week. My husband and I have an upcoming vacation this winter, and so, I bought a new swimsuit in the size I’d like to be by then (a size large…12/14). It’s two-three sizes down from my current size, so I’m sure it’s doable. :-) Holding the suit up to my current self is so crazy. Look at how SMALL that suit is!


I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen that size since middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Anyway, I’m hoping this pushes me to get rid of some of the weight again. I can’t wait to have loose clothes again. :-)

What have you done to motivate yourself lately?