When you flop…

…I guess you flop hard. I wasn’t going to write about Tuesday, but a few blogger friends suggested that I keep things real on here. Here’s the reason why there are no blog entries this week.

Tuesday was a big kitchen day for me. I was counting on two perfect blog entries, since these were both new recipes for me, aka blog-worthy. I was going to make blueberry scones with fresh Louisiana berries, and some caramelized onion chicken for dinner. It was going to be excellent.

I get home at 4pm, and the sour cream I thought I had, was in the trash. Scones are scratched.

Perhaps I could make muffins? I search through my Joy of Cooking book, and find a recipe. Let’s do this.

They come out of the oven ultra dense and not very flavorful. Fail #1. After posting about this on a cooking board, I realized that it was perhaps due to too much flour. I still haven’t gotten on the “weigh ingredients” bandwagon when it comes to baking. Lazy me.

So, I take the dog for a walk to just shake off the bad kitchen juju, because there was a chicken recipe waiting for me. The walk sucked…first off, it was hot as jalapeno outside. Second, a stray dog tried to approach my dog, and I’m not about to let them play when God knows what is on the stray dog….paranoid dog mom. So, I carry my 30 lb. dog 2 blocks, until the stray dog gets the clue. I’m exhausted when I get home, but I’m starving.

I pound the chicken, because it was super thick and would NOT cook in the alloted time on the recipe, taking out every frustration from that walk and those nasty muffins. I cook the chicken, then make the sauce, combine, and just taste the sauce for good measure. It honestly was disgusting. Fail #2.

I don’t know what went wrong with that recipe. It has 5 stars, but wow, it just did not taste right at all. I did submit my review on the website too, and made sure to inform that I’m not a reviewer who adds 5 ingredients and messes up a dish because of it. I truly followed that recipe and it sucked so bad. I have a huge “?” on my head after that one. I don’t see what went wrong.

Have you had any kitchen fails lately? Let them out!